Warragamba Pipeline Coating: Securing Sydney’s Water Future



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Sydney’s Pipeline Gets a Sustainable Upgrade

The Warragamba Pipeline project combines innovative aluminium coating technology with environmental safeguards, ensuring a resilient and reliable water supply for 5.3 million people.

Project Overview

Diona, in partnership with WaterNSW, is embarking on a vital project to ensure the longevity and functionality of the primary pipeline from Warragamba Dam, crucial for the water supply of over 5.3 million people in the Sydney region. This project involves the meticulous task of removing the old coating from the 2.1m diameter pipeline and applying a new, high-performance protective layer designed to enhance durability and resist environmental wear.

Project Need

The Warragamba Pipeline, a key component of Sydney’s water infrastructure, requires upgrading to withstand environmental elements and ensure reliable water delivery. Diona and its partners are undertaking the complex process of rejuvenating sections of this 27 km pipeline, using industrial aluminium for coating. The project’s rural setting adds uniqueness, requiring innovative solutions to address environmental and logistical challenges.

Project Solution

The task involves several stages: vegetation clearing, scaffold erection, encapsulation for a dry workspace, high-pressure washing, hazardous coating removal, application of zinc primer and aluminium topcoats, and joint sealing. Special attention is given to environmental controls, ensuring the protection of nearby waterways and bushland. Innovative waste management techniques are employed, ensuring all waste is responsibly managed and removed from the site.

Value Add | Benefit
Water Security Enhancement

This project contributes to the long-term water security of over 5.3 million people in Sydney, demonstrating the critical nature of maintaining and upgrading existing water infrastructure. The new coating significantly extends the pipeline’s lifespan and enhances resistance to corrosion.

Environmental Protection

The adoption of eco-friendly practices in the coating process, such as the use of non-toxic materials and waste reduction techniques highlights Diona’s commitment to safeguarding the environment while executing essential infrastructure work.

Innovative Methodology

Diona’s innovative approach to coating application, incorporating advanced encapsulation and humidity control technologies, ensures minimal environmental impact and sets a new standard in pipeline maintenance.

Community and Economic Impact

The project not only secures essential water supply but also demonstrates Diona’s ability to deliver complex infrastructure projects on time and within budget.

ESG Alignment

Fortifies Sydney’s water infrastructure with minimal ecological impact, employing advanced environmental controls and waste management to protect surrounding habitats, aligning with efforts for sustainable water resource preservation.

Ensuring the longevity and functionality of the Warragamba Pipeline directly benefits the community by providing a reliable water supply for essential needs such as drinking, sanitation, and agriculture. This enhances community resilience and quality of life, particularly during times of water stress or emergencies.

The project plays a role in securing the water supply for Greater Sydney, contributing to the goal of ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Protecting the pipeline ensures a reliable supply of clean water to a large population.

The technical complexities of the project, such as in-situ blasting and coating of the pipeline, demonstrate an innovative approach to infrastructure maintenance and preservation. This aligns with the goal of building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and fostering innovation.

By ensuring the reliability of water supply to Greater Sydney, the project contributes to making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. A secure water supply is fundamental to the health and well-being of urban communities.

Protecting the pipeline from environmental elements contributes to building resilience against climate-related hazards and natural disasters. This aligns with the goal of taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

The project’s attention to environmental controls and efforts to minimise impact on nearby waterways and bushland reflects a commitment to protecting, restoring, and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably managing forests, combating desertification, and halting and reversing land degradation and biodiversity loss.

The collaboration between Diona, WaterNSW, RMP, and other partners exemplifies the role of partnerships in achieving these ambitious goals, especially in large-scale infrastructure projects.