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Adelaide Central Reinforcement Project


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Design and Construction

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Adelaide’s Power Shift: Building a Sustainable Energy Future

The Adelaide Central Reinforcement Project transforms Adelaide’s energy landscape securing reliable power supply for future growth and fostering a vibrant, sustainable community.

Project Overview

The Adelaide Central Reinforcement Project for LS Cable and Taihan Electric Australia, was a significant advancement in strengthening Adelaide’s electrical infrastructure. It involved designing and constructing a 275kV underground transmission line to connect a new substation in the city’s CBD to the Torrens Island Power Station. This crucial development supported Adelaide’s growing energy demands and facilitated future urban and economic expansion.

Project Need

Adelaide’s rapid development and increasing energy requirements necessitated a reliable and resilient power supply system. The Adelaide Central Reinforcement Project addressed this need by ensuring a stable energy supply capable of scaling with the city’s expansion, enhancing the reliability and quality of power distribution across the metropolitan area.

Project Solution

To meet Adelaide’s escalating energy demands, the project strategically connected the city’s CBD with the Torrens Island Power Station through a new 275kV underground transmission line. This initiative addressed existing capacity shortfalls and prepared the electrical infrastructure for future urban growth. Through close collaboration with stakeholders, the project delivered a resilient energy network that enhances the quality of power supply and supports economic development, while ensuring minimal disruption to the community and its surroundings.

Value Add | Benefit
Secure and Scalable Energy Supply

The underground transmission line installation significantly increased Adelaide’s energy capacity, ensuring long-term reliability and support for the city’s growth.

Community-Centric Solutions

Innovative engineering and construction techniques minimised urban disruption, reflecting a commitment to community well-being and environmental preservation.

Economic Growth Support

Reinforcing the city’s power infrastructure laid the groundwork for continued economic development.

ESG Alignment

Improves the reliability and security of Adelaide’s energy supply, benefiting the community’s well-being and supporting socio-economic development.

By constructing an underground extra high voltage circuit to reinforce Adelaide’s energy supply, the project significantly contributes to ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy. This infrastructure is crucial for supporting the city’s future growth and energy demands.

The project showcases innovation in infrastructure development through its complex civil engineering design. The in-house preliminary design by Diona, which offered cost-saving and innovative solutions, demonstrates advancements in engineering practices essential for sustainable industrialisation and infrastructure development.

Enhancing the energy infrastructure of Adelaide is a vital step towards making the city more sustainable and prepared for future growth. Reliable energy supply is a cornerstone of urban resilience and sustainability.

The collaboration among ElectraNet, LS Cable / Taihan Electric Company, and Diona in this project exemplifies the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development. Their joint efforts in design, engineering, and construction highlight how cross-sector collaboration can lead to successful project outcomes.