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Adelaide CBD Trunk Main Revitalisation


Trunk Water Main

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ECI, Design and Construction

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A Model for Urban Water Infrastructure

The Adelaide CBD trunk main revitalisation project, exemplifies a commitment to sustainable development by ensuring clean water access, fostering resilient urban communities, and minimising environmental impact through innovative infrastructure solutions.

Project Overview

Diona in a joint venture with McConnell Dowell (MDJV), worked with SA Water to upgrade a key water trunk main in Adelaide’s CBD. This project in 2021, a part of SA Water’s Water North Program, was pivotal in ensuring a continued reliable drinking water supply to more than 160,000 homes and businesses. The initiative involved replacing 941m of the pipeline with new DN750 MSCL Sintalock jointed piping and DN500 HDPE main via slip-lining. This upgrade not only enhanced the pipeline’s functionality but also ensured the protection of the nearby Botanic Garden’s heritage.

Project Need

This pipeline, a major water supply route for Adelaide’s CBD, was prioritised for upgrade due to historical leaks and breaks. The restoration and realignment of this trunk main away from the Botanic Garden heritage wall were essential to ensure a continuous water supply, facilitate maintenance access and preserve the cultural heritage of the area.

Project Solution

MDJV’s strategy for the project incorporated innovative solutions to minimise disruptions in Adelaide’s high-profile urban setting. The project featured early contractor involvement for strategic planning and detailed execution of the pipeline replacement, as well as employing advanced slip-lining techniques and environmentally conscious alignment decisions. This approach allowed the team to successfully manage the urban infrastructure complexities, balancing community needs, heritage preservation and the logistical challenges of a busy CBD.

Value Add | Benefit
Innovative Urban Infrastructure Management

MDJV’s project management exemplifies innovative urban infrastructure planning and execution. By employing slip-lining technology and strategic alignment, the project minimised disruptions to the community during construction. The use of slip-lining in particular, enabled efficient pipeline restoration without the need for extensive excavation, thereby reducing construction time and impact on the public.

Preservation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage

The project’s design and execution paid close attention to preserving the Botanic Garden’s heritage. By realigning the pipeline and using non-intrusive construction methods, the project ensured that the cultural and natural heritage of the area was maintained, showcasing MDJV’s commitment to sustainable and respectful urban development.

Enhanced Service Reliability for the Community

The upgrade of Adelaide CBD’s primary water supply line significantly improves water service reliability and safety for a large urban population. This project plays a crucial role in the city’s infrastructure development, enhancing the quality of life for residents and businesses in the area.

ESG Alignment

The project prioritises environmental stewardship by using slip-lining technology to minimise disruptions and excavation, preserving the Botanic Garden area’s integrity. Through strategic pipeline alignment and eco-friendly construction methods, MDJV safeguards the site’s cultural and environmental heritage, showcasing a holistic approach to urban infrastructure management focused on sustainability and ecosystem preservation.

The project ensures reliable drinking water for over 160,000 CBD residents, vital for public health. MDJV’s community engagement, like early involvement and strategic planning, minimises disruptions, fosters positive relationships, and promotes social cohesion.

By restoring and upgrading the pipeline, the project ensures access to clean and safe drinking water for over 160,000 customers in Adelaide’s CBD, thereby directly supporting the goal of providing clean water and sanitation for all.

The project demonstrates innovation in urban infrastructure management through the use of advanced slip-lining technology and environmentally conscious construction methods. This contributes to the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure, essential for fostering economic growth and prosperity.

The restoration of the pipeline enhances the reliability of water supply infrastructure in Adelaide’s CBD, contributing to the goal of making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

The project’s strategic alignment and environmentally conscious construction methods help preserve the natural heritage of the Botanic Garden area, supporting the goal of protecting, restoring, and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

The collaboration between Diona, McConnell Dowell, and SA Water in the MDJV joint venture exemplifies the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development objectives, highlighting the role of public-private partnerships in driving positive change.