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Strategic Water Solutions in Monarto

The Monarto Augmentation Project endeavors to substantially improve the potable water supply, crucial for fostering sustainable growth and prosperity within the region.

Project Overview

Part of SA Water’s Water North Program, the Monarto Augmentation Project, undertaken by MDJV, a joint venture between Diona and McConnell Dowell, aims to significantly enhance the region’s potable water supply system. This initiative addresses critical issues such as low network pressure and rising demand from residential and industrial developments. The project specifically targeted the challenges posed by inadequate infrastructure in a rapidly growing region, aiming to improve service reliability and capacity. Key improvements include the augmentation of the White Hill Booster Pump Station and the introduction of new infrastructure, strategically designed to strengthen and expand the water supply capabilities in Monarto.

Project Need

The existing Monarto water supply system encountered pressure and capacity limitations due to population growth, necessitating an upgrade to support the area’s developmental aspirations. Enhancing this system was vital for supporting ongoing residential and industrial growth, ensuring a stable and efficient water supply. This enhancement has been key to the region’s sustainable growth and prosperity.

Project Solution

The augmentation project encompassed a comprehensive scope, including the design of two pump stations, extensive pipeline installations, and advanced hydraulic systems. Key components included laying approximately 7.2km of PVC pipelines, executing two challenging horizontal direction drills beneath railway lines, and installing surge vessels and pressure reduction valves. The project also tackled logistical and technical challenges, maintaining a balance between swift construction progress and environmental conservation. The project also involved meticulous site investigations, environmental assessments, and effective stakeholder engagement with critical customers including Monarto Zoo, ARTC, Aurizon and Native Vegetation Council.

Value Add | Benefit
Innovative Construction Techniques

The use of advanced methods, such as horizontal directional drilling, showcases MDJV’s commitment to innovation, enhancing the project’s efficiency and minimising environmental disruption.

Environmental Stewardship and Local Engagement

Through careful planning and execution, the project mitigates its environmental impact, particularly in sensitive areas like the Monarto Zoo. Engaging local contractors and personnel in the project demonstrates a commitment to regional development and community involvement.

Enhanced Infrastructure for Future Growth

By augmenting the Monarto water supply system, MDJV ensures that it meets current demands and is also primed to support future growth in the region, benefiting both residential and business sectors.

ESG Alignment

The project utilises advanced techniques such as horizontal directional drilling to minimise environmental disruption, showcasing a commitment to reducing its ecological footprint. Meticulous site investigations and environmental assessments further ensure minimal adverse environmental effects, aligning with ESG goals and emphasising sustainable practices.

Engaging local contractors and personnel promotes regional development and community involvement, demonstrating sensitivity to community needs. Effective engagement with critical stakeholders, including Monarto Zoo, ARTC, Aurizon, and the Native Vegetation Council, ensures that project decisions consider broader community interests, enhancing social cohesion and transparency, key elements of ESG initiatives.

By enhancing the region’s potable water supply system, the project directly addresses the goal of ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

The project showcases innovative construction techniques, such as horizontal directional drilling, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable infrastructure development and technological advancement.

Improving the water supply system in Monarto supports the development of resilient and sustainable cities, ensuring access to safe and reliable water for residents and businesses.

Through measures like environmental assessments and the use of advanced construction methods to minimise environmental disruption, the project contributes to climate action by reducing its ecological footprint and promoting environmental sustainability.

The project involves collaboration between multiple stakeholders, including government agencies, local communities, and private sector partners, reflecting the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development objectives.

Key Aspects
  • 2 pump stations – augmentation of existing White Hill 367kw and new build of Old Princes Highway
  • 2km of DN375 and DN250 Pipelines
  • 2 x OD315 HDPE Horizontal Direction Drills beneath railway lines
  • 2 x 3,000L surge vessels, PRV, isolation valves