Transport for NSW

Parramatta Light Rail Enabling Works


Multiple utilities – water, gas, electrical, communications

Contract Type

Design and Construction

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Parramatta Light Rail: Connecting Communities

The Parramatta Light Rail Enabling Works Project lays the foundation for accessible, efficient public transport, enhancing urban liveability and sustainability for the heart of Sydney.

Project Overview

The Parramatta Light Rail project stands as a significant public transport initiative by the NSW Government, aimed at enhancing accessibility within one of Sydney’s largest CBD areas. As a key delivery partner for Transport for NSW, Diona was tasked with the enabling works, focusing on utility relocation and installation, alongside road network changes and upgrades. These essential works promise long-term community benefits, including improved efficiency, reliability, safety, and sustainability, while also reducing lifecycle costs.

Project Need

With Parramatta’s growing status as a central business district, the demand for a robust and efficient public transport system became paramount. The enabling works, involving extensive utility relocation and road network upgrades, were essential in laying the groundwork for the light rail system. This foundation is crucial for supporting the city’s expansion and ensuring a sustainable, safe, and reliable infrastructure network.

Project Solution

Diona approached this design and construction contract with a solution-focused mindset, capitalising on established relationships with utilities owners to meet project and stakeholder needs effectively. The project saw up to 15 crews working tirelessly, day and night, to meet the program’s schedule. The enabling works included the installation of water pipes, gas mains, electrical and communication conduits, new electrical poles, and streetlights, alongside the removal of existing infrastructure and communication cable installations. Various excavation methods, such as non-destructive digging and underboring, were used to navigate the challenging ground conditions.

Value Add | Benefit
Sustainability and Safety

Achieving an “Excellent” IS As-Built rating from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia underscores the project’s commitment to sustainability and safety standards.

Stakeholder Engagement

With over 9,000 stakeholders directly impacted, Diona’s proactive community engagement strategy was pivotal in navigating the complexities of the urban environment, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining open lines of communication.

Efficient Construction Methods

Leveraging extended work hours during COVID-19 and innovative construction techniques, the team significantly expedited the project timeline, demonstrating agility and responsiveness to external challenges.

ESG Alignment

Enhanced sustainable urban mobility through the Parramatta Light Rail reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and promotes greener cities. The focus on sustainable transport and infrastructure upgrades supports cleaner, more efficient urban environments.

The project’s focus on enhancing public transport infrastructure in Sydney’s growing CBD area demonstrates a commitment to building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation in urban transport solutions.

By improving public transport accessibility and efficiency, the project contributes to making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. It also supports the development of a sustainable and integrated transport system in the Parramatta region.

The introduction of accessible public transport options like light rail contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change by promoting sustainable urban mobility.

The collaboration between Diona, Transport for NSW, utility owners, and other stakeholders highlights effective partnerships and joint efforts in achieving sustainable infrastructure development.

Stakeholder Engagement

Diona’s comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategy was instrumental in the project’s success, facilitating collaboration with TfNSW, external contractors, and the local community. This included participation in various groups and public information sessions, extensive door-knocking campaigns, and coordination with Bankwest Stadium to align construction activities.

Managing Works During COVID-19

The project adeptly navigated the challenges posed by COVID-19, utilising extended construction hours granted by NSW Government policies to fast-track activities, thereby minimising the pandemic’s impact on project timelines and community disruption.