Engagement That Builds Better Futures

Here at Diona, building infrastructure goes hand in hand with nurturing communities. We believe that every project gives us a chance to make a real difference in the lives of the people and places we work with. Our commitment to deep community and stakeholder engagement is all about making sure we leave things better than we found them. Working closely with clients and local people, we aim to do more than just reduce the impact of our projects – we want to positively contribute to the communities involved. Our approach is all about being transparent and keeping the lines of communication wide open because we believe you can never have too much honest conversation.

Children at the Belconnen Trunk Sewer project site in Canberra, experiencing firsthand Diona's commitment to community engagement.

Interested in how our stakeholder engagement enhances community projects?

A Customer-Centric Approach

Our approach to community engagement is built on a clear, thoughtful understanding of the communities and stakeholders we work with. This knowledge drives us to develop strong, lasting relationships, making every interaction count. We’re dedicated to:

  • Being transparent and truthful.
  • Acting responsibly and with clarity.
  • Sharing information accurately and quickly.
  • Paying close attention to feedback.
  • Encouraging open conversations in decision-making.

Our Difference

Our specialised in-house team focuses on community and stakeholder engagement, integrating closely with our design and project teams from the start. This partnership helps us anticipate and reduce possible community disturbances early. With a solid grasp of construction processes, our team ensures clear communication with the community, maintaining transparency and avoiding unexpected issues. We’re known for:

  • A thorough dedication to grasping community needs.
  • Proactively tackling any construction concerns.
  • Working directly with our field teams.
  • Approaching challenges with a mindset for solutions.
  • Treating every stakeholder with equal respect and consideration.

Our Experienced Team

Our community relations team are experienced in managing complex and high-profile projects. They are renowned for their empathetic approach, and prioritising customer needs. With a presence across ACT, NSW, QLD, SA and VIC, our team brings a dynamic, solution-focused energy to every project, having successfully overseen projects worth over $600 million right across Australia.

Award-Winning Impact

Our commitment to excellence in community and stakeholder engagement has been recognised in several award-winning projects, including:

2021 Wastewater Project of the Year, Global Water Awards.

2021 Greater Sydney Commission Planning Awards, Place-based collaboration category.

CCF QLD Award Category 2: Project Value $2-5m.

Community & Stakeholder Centric Model