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Bromelton Trunk Water Main Paves the Way for Progress


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Illustration of the Bromelton Trunk Water Main Project
Bromelton’s Path to Water Resilience

Driving sustainable growth in Bromelton through innovative water infrastructure solutions.

Project Overview

To accommodate anticipated regional growth, Urban Utilities commissioned Diona to install 6.5 km of trunk water main, extending from the Helen Street Water Treatment Plant towards Boonah-Beaudesert Road in Bromelton. Situated in the Scenic Rim, 6 km from Beaudesert and 75 km south of Brisbane, this 15,000 ha area was designated by Queensland’s government as a vital industrial zone for regional growth, jobs, and infrastructure.

Project Need

With the Queensland State Government’s identification of Bromelton as a critical area for industrial development and future growth, there was a pressing need to enhance the region’s water supply infrastructure. The project aimed to ensure an adequate water supply and pressure to meet both current and future demands, including improved fire-fighting capabilities, thereby supporting the development and safety of the expanding industrial and residential areas.

Project Solution

The project was designed and executed with a strong emphasis on ecological sustainability, incorporating principles of cleaner production, waste minimisation, energy efficiency, and water conservation. The majority of the pipeline was laid using open-trench methods, with directional drilling under the Logan River and a bore under Bromelton House Road to minimise environmental impact. Despite the challenges of working through sensitive Cultural Heritage Areas and conducting vegetation clearing under strict supervision, the project successfully integrated vital infrastructure with respect for the land and its history.

Value Add | Benefit
Ecological and Cultural Integrity

The project’s adherence to sustainable development principles and careful handling of Aboriginal artefacts underscored a commitment to ecological preservation and cultural respect.

Infrastructure for Growth

By bolstering the water supply network, the Bromelton Trunk Water Main lays the groundwork for regional development, facilitating industrial expansion and job creation.

Community and Safety Enhancements

Improvements in water pressure and supply directly contribute to community safety and resilience, particularly in enhancing fire-fighting capabilities.

ESG Alignment

This project exemplifies environmental stewardship through its commitment to sustainable water management, conservation of cultural heritage, and enhancement of regional infrastructure, contributing significantly to ecological sustainability and community resilience.

The project’s primary objective of installing a trunk water main supports the provision of clean and reliable water, crucial for sustainable water management and sanitation.

The project showcases innovative construction and project management, especially in dealing with ecological and cultural sensitivities, demonstrating a commitment to resilient infrastructure development.

By facilitating regional growth and improving fire-fighting capacity, the project contributes to the development of sustainable, resilient communities.

The careful management of cultural heritage areas and the preservation of Aboriginal artefacts demonstrates a strong commitment to respecting and conserving life on land, highlighting the project’s ecological consciousness.

Collaboration between Diona, local councils, and indigenous communities illustrates effective partnerships crucial for achieving sustainable development.