Our Partnership with batyr

Diona is deeply committed to supporting mental health initiatives, exemplified through our partnership with batyr, an organisation dedicated to breaking the stigma around mental health among young Australians. By fostering open conversations and providing educational programs, batyr empowers young people to share their stories of mental health and seek help when needed. Our collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of a community where mental health is openly discussed and supported.

Diona and batyr teams standing together during the presentation of a $1,000,000 cheque, with a mural of blue water-painted elephants in the background.

Discover the impact of our support for batyr and how you can help make a difference.

Making a Tangible Difference

To date, Diona has proudly contributed $1,250,000 to batyr, a milestone that reflects our dedication to mental health advocacy. This significant investment translates into numerous mental health education sessions, reaching thousands of young people across Australia. Our support enables batyr to continue its vital work, providing platforms for young voices to be heard and offering resources for mental health support and education.

Looking to the Future

Ongoing Support

We aim to continue our significant support for batyr, helping to fund vital mental health education sessions and advocacy efforts.

Adaptive Support

We plan to explore additional ways to support batyr, potentially including in-kind contributions, to ensure our sponsorship evolves according to the needs of both organisations.

Our Achievements and Impact

Through events like the batyr’s Balls and Darkness into Light Walks, we’ve highlighted the importance of mental health and raised funds to support batyr’s programs.

Our introduction of batyr recycling bins on job sites represents a creative approach to support fundraising, turning waste into resources for mental health advocacy.

By integrating batyr staff into our offices, we’ve fostered closer connections between our team and batyr’s mission, enhancing our collective impact on youth mental health.

Our collaboration with batyr is more than just a commitment to a cause – it represents a powerful union for social change. Through our partnership, we are investing in the future mental well-being of young Australians. The sessions funded through our support offer life-changing opportunities for individuals to learn, share, and find support, contributing to a healthier, more resilient community.