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Revolutionising Water Storage Construction

A remarkable achievement in engineering and construction efficiency with an unprecedented 75% reduction in construction time for the Port Lincoln 10ML water storage project.

Project Overview

In a remarkable feat of engineering and construction efficiency, together with SA Water, MDJV a joint venture between Diona and McConnell Dowell, achieved an unprecedented 75% reduction in construction time for the Port Lincoln Summit 10ML water storage in 202-2021. This project is part of SA Water’s Water North Framework investment strategy and aimed to improve future water services for the Eyre Peninsula.

Project Need

The need to ensure a continued reliable supply of water to the Eyre Peninsula necessitated the fast-tracked construction of the 10ML water tank. The project aimed to increase the water storage capacity at Port Lincoln Summit from 9ML to 19ML, ensuring adequate water supply to meet the region’s emerging needs.

Project Solution

MDJV innovated the construction process by fabricating 78 pre-cast concrete panels off-site and using a crane for installation, significantly reducing labour intensity and safety risks. This innovative method led to a remarkable construction period of just six months, compared to the traditional two-year timeframe. Additionally, MDJV’s approach included comprehensive earthworks, installation of a dual-layer liner system, leak detection and pipework, further enhancing the tank’s functionality and longevity.

Value Add | Benefit
Innovative Construction Techniques

MDJV’s alternative approach to constructing the tank not only expedited the process but also optimised quality and safety. The use of pre-cast concrete panels is a testament to their commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Environmental and Cost Savings

Collaboration with local farmers for material disposal and the optimised tank foundation design resulted in significant cost savings.

Indigenous Community Engagement

The engagement of local Indigenous construction company Ngurra in critical phases of the project supported timely completion and contributed to community involvement and economic benefits.

Challenges Overcome

Despite obstacles like COVID-19 related delays and logistical challenges, MDJV maintained focus and resilience. The team adeptly navigated issues such as high winds and design adjustments, showcasing their adaptability and problem-solving capabilities in a high-pressure environment.

The Port Lincoln Summit 10ML water storage project stands as a symbol of MDJV’s capability to deliver complex projects swiftly and efficiently, setting new standards in the construction of essential water infrastructure.

Key Aspects
  • 75% construction time reduction
  • 10ML tank
  • 50m diameter
  • 6m high walls
  • 78 pre-cast concrete panels
ESG Alignment

The project’s innovative construction techniques, including pre-cast concrete panels and optimized tank foundation design, have drastically reduced construction waste and minimised its environmental impact, aligning with sustainability goals. This approach reflects efficient resource management, crucial for regions like the Eyre Peninsula facing water scarcity. It contributes to long-term environmental sustainability by optimising resource use.

Engaging Ngurra, a local Indigenous construction company, demonstrates a commitment to community involvement and social responsibility, fostering economic benefits and social cohesion. The project’s innovative construction methods and rigorous safety measures not only accelerated the timeline but also prioritised worker well-being, reflecting a strong commitment to social responsibility.

By increasing water storage capacity and ensuring reliable water infrastructure, the project directly supports the provision of clean water, essential for the well-being of communities on the Eyre Peninsula.

The innovative construction techniques employed, such as pre-cast concrete panels and optimised tank foundation design, demonstrate advancements in infrastructure development, contributing to sustainable industrialisation and innovation.

Enhancing water infrastructure resilience in Port Lincoln aligns with creating sustainable and resilient communities, ensuring access to essential services and promoting inclusive urban development.

The project’s focus on reducing construction waste and minimising environmental impact aligns with efforts to mitigate climate change by promoting sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions.

Collaborating with local Indigenous communities and companies like Ngurra highlights the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development, fostering inclusivity and shared prosperity.

Industry Awards

Highly commended: 2021 Infrastructure Project Innovation Award (Regional)