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Elizabeth Street – Brisbane CBD Mains Renewal


Water main

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ECI, Design and Construction

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Sustaining Urban Water Flow

In our role of delivery partner for Urban UtilitiesWater North Zones Program, Diona has undertaken the significant task of replacing aging water infrastructure on Elizabeth Street in Brisbane’s CBD.

Project Overview

This essential project was focused on installing new water mains across a 1 kilometre stretch from George Street to Creek Street, encompassing both sides of the street. The project, which included 100-night shifts, involved 34 property connections requiring meticulous planning and execution, especially in areas like the front of the Hilton Hotel, to minimise disruptions.

Project Need

The project was essential to upgrade the water infrastructure to meet the needs of a bustling CBD environment. The complexity of the existing underground utilities, heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and the necessity to maintain a constant water supply to properties posed unique challenges. The successful replacement of the water main on Elizabeth Street was crucial for ensuring a sustainable and resilient water network for the community.

Project Solution

Diona’s approach involved detailed planning and collaboration with multiple stakeholders. This included coordinating with other contractors in the city, managing intricate design challenges, and ensuring minimal disruption to key businesses and the public. Feedback from stakeholders like the Hilton Hotel and MacArthur Central’s management highlight the effectiveness of Diona’s strategy in handling complex urban projects.

Value Add | Benefit
Seamless Urban Integration

The project showcased Diona’s ability to integrate major infrastructure work into a busy urban setting while minimising disruptions to businesses and the public.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Diona’s collaborative approach with stakeholders, including other contractors and businesses, facilitated smooth project execution and emphasised the importance of partnership in urban infrastructure projects.

Community Conscious Construction

The project was executed with a focus on community needs, including maintaining pedestrian and vehicle access and minimising noise and dust impact, thereby ensuring a balance between construction efficiency and community wellbeing.

ESG Alignment

By replacing aging water infrastructure with more efficient and sustainable systems, the project reduces the risk of water leaks and wastage, contributing to water conservation efforts. Additionally, the meticulous planning and execution aimed at minimising disruptions help to reduce carbon emissions associated with construction activities, promoting environmental sustainability.

The project directly benefits the local community by ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted water supply, essential for residents, businesses, and visitors in the bustling CBD environment. Furthermore, Diona’s focus on community needs, such as maintaining pedestrian and vehicle access and minimising noise and dust impacts, demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those affected by the construction activities.

By replacing aging water infrastructure and ensuring a reliable water supply, this project is ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for all, promoting sustainable water management practices.

The project exemplifies innovation and excellence in infrastructure development, showcasing Diona’s ability to integrate major works into a busy urban environment while minimising disruptions. This aligns with SDG 9, which seeks to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and foster innovation.

The project’s focus on urban water flow sustainability and its seamless integration into the bustling CBD environment contribute to SDG 11. By enhancing infrastructure resilience, minimising disruptions to businesses and the public, and considering community needs, the project helps create more sustainable and inclusive cities and communities.

Through meticulous planning and execution aimed at reducing disruptions and minimising environmental impacts, the project promotes climate resilience and reducing carbon emissions associated with construction activities.

Diona’s collaborative approach with multiple stakeholders, including Urban Utilities, other contractors, businesses, and local authorities, underscores the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development.

Community and Client Feedback