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High Pressure, High Performance: Adelaide’s Gas Upgrade

Adelaide CBD Mains Replacement Program is enhancing urban livability through reliable, efficient gas supply.

Project Overview

Diona and APA Group successfully upgraded Adelaide’s CBD gas network from a low-pressure system to a high-pressure system, a first of its kind initiative in South Australia. This project significantly improved the reliability and efficiency of gas supply across the city, ensuring minimal interruptions for APA’s customers and supporting Adelaide’s ongoing urban development.

Project Need

The transition to a high-pressure gas system was essential to meet the growing energy demands of Adelaide’s CBD, particularly for its Industrial and Commercial customers. The existing low-pressure network was insufficient for the city’s needs, prompting the upgrade to enhance service capacity and future-proof the gas supply infrastructure.

Project Solution

The program involved replacing old cast iron and unprotected steel mains with corrosion-resistant polyethylene pipes using an insertion technique. This method minimised urban disruption, particularly important in high-traffic areas. Key to the project’s success was extensive consultation with consumers, ensuring their readiness for the new high-pressure system. Strategic planning was pivotal, allowing the project to progress smoothly with minimal impact on services and daily life in the CBD.

Value Add | Benefit
Enhanced Gas Supply Reliability

The upgrade to a high-pressure system ensured a consistent and reliable gas supply for Adelaide’s CBD, directly benefiting businesses and residents.

Minimal Service Disruption

Through innovative construction techniques and careful planning, the project was delivered with no unplanned outages, minimising impact on the community and local businesses.

Community and Business Engagement

Constant communication and coordination with affected consumers and businesses ensured that the transition to the new system was seamless, reflecting a commitment to customer service and community well-being.

ESG Alignment

Significantly improves the reliability and efficiency of gas services for Adelaide’s CBD, enhancing quality of life and economic opportunities for the community.

By upgrading the gas infrastructure to a more efficient and reliable system, the project contributes to the provision of sustainable energy. The use of polyethylene pipes, resistant to corrosion and more durable, ensures a long-lasting, efficient energy distribution network.

The innovative approach of using the ‘insertion technique’ for pipe replacement and the upgrade to Enhanced Low Pressure demonstrates advancement in infrastructure development. This method minimises urban disruption and showcases innovative engineering solutions.

The project’s focus on minimising disruptions in a busy CBD area, through careful planning and night work, contributes to sustainable urban development. Efficient gas supply and reduced infrastructure degradation play a key role in making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

The collaboration between Diona, APA Group, and other stakeholders highlights the importance of partnerships in achieving infrastructure improvements and sustainable development.