Bardavcol and SA Water

South Para Bridge: Gawler East Link Road


Water and sewer mains

Year of Completion




South Para Bridge’s Utility Innovation

South Para Bridge’s integration into Gawler East Link Road enhances community connectivity and access, fostering sustainable growth and resilience.

Project Overview

As part of the broader Gawler East Link Road initiative, Diona was tasked with the essential installation of water and sewer services across a new bridge over the South Para River in Gawler, further enhancing the infrastructure network facilitated by Bardavcol‘s construction efforts. This project included the strategic placement of water and sewer pipes across the bridge, ensuring seamless utility service continuity for the area.

Project Need

Development of the Gawler East Link Road necessitated the extension of critical utility services, including water and sewer lines, to support growing residential areas and infrastructure demands. The installation of these services across the South Para River bridge was crucial for providing uninterrupted water and sewer services to the newly connected regions, underpinning the area’s growth and sustainability.

Project Solution

In collaboration with Reimann’s Manufacturing and Richmond Rollers, Diona developed and executed an innovative installation method for the water and sewer pipes. The process involved the use of industrial plastic rollers for initial placement, followed by welding and the precise positioning of the pipes across the bridge’s span. This approach, marked by the use of MSCL (Mild Steel Cement Lined) pipes for both water and sewer services, was complemented by rigorous testing to ensure the integrity and reliability of the installation. The project’s success was underscored by meticulous planning, coordination, and the implementation of custom-engineered solutions to meet its unique challenges.

Value Add | Benefit
Innovative Engineering Solutions

The project showcased groundbreaking techniques in utility service installation, setting a precedent for future infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Reliability

By securing water and sewer lines across the South Para River bridge, the project guarantees the long-term reliability of essential services for Gawler East’s growing community.

Environmental and Community Stewardship

The careful planning and execution of the water and sewer line installations minimise environmental impact, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable development and community well-being.

ESG Alignment

Innovative installation methods minimise ecological impact and ensure the integrity of water and sewer services, contributing to sustainable infrastructure development in Gawler East, and supporting environmental stewardship.

The project’s installation of water and sewer services contributes to ensuring sustainable water management and sanitation services. This is crucial for the growing Gawler community, ensuring access to clean water and efficient waste management.

The innovative approach to installing services across the bridge showcases advancements in engineering and infrastructure development. The use of specialised techniques and collaboration with local subcontractors highlights Diona’s commitment to innovative solutions in infrastructure projects.

By improving water and sewer infrastructure, the project enhances the quality of life in the Gawler East community. It ensures that the area’s development is supported by reliable and sustainable utilities, crucial for urban growth and community well-being.

The collaborative effort between Diona, Bardavcol, Reimann’s Manufacturing, and SA Water exemplifies effective partnership in achieving infrastructure goals. Such collaboration is essential for successful project execution and sustainable development.