Empowering Communities with Advanced Gas Infrastructure

Diona is at the forefront of transforming the gas sector, fuelled by our dedication to delivering energy solutions that power communities while prioritising sustainability and reliability. With our extensive experience in gas transmission, including major projects like the Murarrie Looping Project and urban gas mains upgrades, we are committed to enhancing the infrastructure that communities rely on daily.

A couple cooking together on a gas stove top, showcasing the integral role of gas infrastructure in supporting daily life and community well-being.

Curious how our gas solutions are fuelling sustainable futures?

Our Unique Approach

Decades of Gas Infrastructure Excellence

With 25 years in the industry, our expertise in delivering reliable gas solutions is unmatched, particularly in complex brownfield environments and large-scale high-pressure gas pipeline projects.

Advancing with the Mains Replacement Program

Our partnership with Australian gas suppliers such as Multinet Gas Networks and APA Group marks a significant stride towards sustainable energy, transitioning to high-pressure polyethylene mains for enhanced reliability and capacity, and paving the way for renewable hydrogen integration.

Trusted Regional Partner

Recognised as a trusted partner for complex essential infrastructure projects across regions, our proven track record reinforces our role in building resilient and sustainable infrastructure, underpinning our commitment to excellence and community trust.

Our Promise

Through initiatives like the Mains Replacement Program, Diona pledges to not just improve infrastructure but to lead the shift towards a sustainable and resilient energy future. Our promise is to continue delivering gas services that are not only reliable and efficient but also environmentally responsible. We are committed to building a legacy of sustainability, innovation, and community empowerment, ensuring our projects today fuel the prosperity of tomorrow’s communities.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions

We offer a spectrum of essential services designed to ensure the seamless supply and distribution of gas:

Constructing the vital connections for safe and efficient gas transport.

Laying down the networks that ensure direct and reliable gas delivery to homes and businesses.

Enhancing the efficiency of gas flow and distribution across the network.