Urban Utilities

Upper Roma and Boomerang Streets – Brisbane CBD Mains Renewal


Water main

Contract Type

ECI, Design and Construction

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Respecting Heritage, Embracing Innovation

This crucial project is part of the Urban Utilities Water North Zones Program, aimed at modernising the city’s water network to meet contemporary standards and future demands.

Project Overview

Diona, in partnership with Urban Utilities, revitalised the water infrastructure on Upper Roma and Boomerang Streets in Brisbane’s CBD.

Project Need

The upgrade addressed the necessity of replacing century-old water mains to enhance the resilience and efficiency of Brisbane’s water network. Given the historical significance of the area, including its importance to the Turrbal Aboriginal Nation, the project also underscores the need for culturally sensitive infrastructure development.

Project Solution

The project employs innovative construction techniques and technologies to navigate the challenges of working in a busy urban environment. This includes the use of Augmented Reality tools for community engagement and specialised construction methods to minimise disruption in densely populated and culturally significant areas.

Value Add | Benefit
Cultural Respect and Community Integration

Acknowledging the area’s historical importance, the project includes measures to ensure the respect and inclusion of local Aboriginal heritage, fostering a deeper community connection.

Innovative Approach

Utilising cutting-edge technology and construction methods, the project sets a new standard in urban water infrastructure renewal, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Enhanced Infrastructure Resilience

By upgrading the water mains, the project significantly contributes to the long-term reliability and safety of Brisbane’s water supply, particularly in the northern CBD region.

Stakeholder Engagement

Through proactive engagement and collaboration with various stakeholders, the project demonstrates a commitment to transparency and community involvement, resulting in positive feedback and a lasting legacy of trust and cooperation.

ESG Alignment

The modernisation of Brisbane’s water network through the replacement of century-old water mains promotes environmental sustainability. By employing innovative construction techniques and technologies, the project minimises disruption to the environment and reduces the overall environmental footprint associated with infrastructure development.

The project’s recognition of the historical and cultural significance of the area, particularly to the Turrbal Aboriginal people, highlights a commitment to social responsibility. Through measures aimed at ensuring cultural sensitivity and community inclusion, such as the use of Augmented Reality tools for engagement and specialised construction methods, the project fosters a sense of belonging and respect for local heritage.

Proactive stakeholder engagement and collaboration demonstrate a commitment to governance and transparency. By involving various stakeholders and incorporating their feedback throughout the project lifecycle, Diona and Urban Utilities uphold principles of good governance, fostering trust and cooperation within the community.

By revitalising the water infrastructure in Brisbane’s CBD, the project directly supports Goal 6 by ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for residents and businesses. The upgrade of century-old water mains enhances the efficiency and reliability of the water network, contributing to improved water quality and supply management.

The project’s use of innovative construction techniques, such as Augmented Reality tools for community engagement and specialised construction methods, demonstrates a commitment to fostering innovation within the infrastructure sector. By setting new standards for urban water infrastructure renewal, the project contributes to the advancement of sustainable infrastructure development.

The project’s focus on modernising Brisbane’s water network aligns with Goal 11 by promoting sustainable urban development. Through measures aimed at minimising disruption in densely populated areas and incorporating community feedback, the project contributes to creating inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities.

Collaboration between Diona, Urban Utilities, and various stakeholders underscores the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development objectives. By working together to address the challenges associated with infrastructure development in urban environments, the project exemplifies the spirit of Goal 17 and demonstrates the effectiveness of multi-stakeholder partnerships in driving positive change.

Industry Awards

Finalist: Category 1 Project Value Up to $2M

Winner: Q1 2022 Innovator award – WP008 CBD Team – Augmented Reality

“Using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the Wp008 team developed an interactive app feature to educate the community on what lives beneath our feet. Launched in the Queen Street Mall in June 2022, the feature is the first of its kind for Urban Utilties and there’s hopes to utilise this innovation for future water education modules.”

Community and Client Feedback