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Rochedale Water Infrastructure Upgrade

Enhancing water security and supporting sustainable community growth in Rochedale.

Project Overview

The Rochedale Water Infrastructure Upgrade by Urban Utilities and Diona, is a pivotal project designed to bolster the water supply network across 6.5 km in Rochedale. This upgrade is set to significantly enhance service capacity and ensure the security of supply, catering to the anticipated growth in Brisbane’s outer southern suburbs.

Project Need

With Rochedale positioned for rapid development, the existing water infrastructure required a comprehensive upgrade to meet future demands. This project addresses the critical need for increased service capacity and improved supply security, ensuring the area’s infrastructure keeps pace with its development.

Project Solution

Diona implemented critical upgrades including the construction of two five mega-litre potable water reservoirs, supply pipelines, a booster pump station, and a water disinfection dosing station, alongside network augmentation to establish the Rochedale Reservoir Supply Zone. The project featured 24-hour operations for efficient completion and minimal community impact, with special attention to managing live cutovers to the existing network through detailed planning and stakeholder engagement.

Value Add | Benefit
Enhanced Water Supply Security

The infrastructure upgrade directly contributes to the reliability and sustainability of water supply in Rochedale, supporting the suburb’s growth.

Community Consideration and Efficiency

Through effective community engagement and strategic planning, Diona ensured that the project progressed with minimal disruption, demonstrating a commitment to community well-being.

Technical Expertise and Local Insight

Leveraging extensive local knowledge and experience in trunk main installations for UU, Diona effectively navigated the project’s challenges, contributing to its success.

ESG Alignment

Boosts water supply resilience and minimises ecological footprint in Rochedale, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable and efficient water use.

The project’s focus on upgrading and expanding the water supply network contributes to ensuring availability and sustainable management of water. The construction of reservoirs and a booster pump station enhances the capacity and reliability of potable water supply in the area.

The upgrade involves innovative engineering solutions for the construction of water reservoirs and the augmentation of the existing network. This demonstrates a commitment to building resilient infrastructure that can support future community growth.

The project supports sustainable urban development by ensuring that outer southern suburbs of Brisbane have reliable access to essential water services. This is crucial for the well-being and economic growth of these communities.

The collaboration between Diona, QUU, and other stakeholders, including the local community, highlights the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development goals. Effective stakeholder engagement and community updates were key to managing the project’s impact on local residents and ensuring its success.