Collaborative Vision: Crafting Future-Ready Solutions Together

In the complex world of utility services, our program management is a cornerstone of collaboration and innovation. With more than forty years of experience, we are experts in managing projects in busy urban centres and remote areas, providing a wide range of services from design and engineering to project management. Our strategy stresses the importance of involving clients early on to spark innovation, improve efficiency, and create solutions that are cost-effective and have a minimal impact on communities. This method has turned many client projects into significant improvements, changing one-time transactions into ongoing, solution-focused partnerships.

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Discover How We Drive Success in Program Management

Our Approach

Understanding Asset Owner Challenges

Recognising the pressures on asset owners to deliver value while maintaining oversight on expenditures, we ensure our program management strategies drive down costs and optimise customer value.

Responsive and Agile Delivery

Our program management is tailored to meet the demands of managing critical assets in challenging environments, ensuring swift adaptation to change while delivering customer-centric outcomes.

Self-Performance Capability

Diona sets itself apart with an in-house suite of services, including design, engineering, and project management, which allows for a more agile, responsive, and collaborative project execution.

Innovation and Customer Value

Our long-term program management approach encourages innovative thinking and experimentation, enabling the implementation of successful strategies across the board to enhance customer value.

Our Promise

Our promise is to bring clarity, efficiency, and innovation to every project we handle. We commit to working hand-in-hand with our clients from the very start, ensuring that every solution is tailored to meet their specific needs while also being mindful of the broader community and environment. Our dedication to fostering partnerships based on trust and mutual respect means that we are always looking for ways to optimise outcomes, reduce risks, and deliver value that extends beyond the immediate project lifecycle. We pledge to maintain open lines of communication, ensuring transparency and accountability at every step. By choosing us, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner committed to achieving shared success and building infrastructure that stands the test of time.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions

Our collaborative model brings extensive benefits, from simplifying procurement processes to enhancing cost and performance visibility through direct cost contracts. This cultural shift fosters a partnership-oriented approach, ensuring that projects are efficiently scheduled to minimise onsite duration, increase productivity, and reduce community impact. Our data-driven program management strategy has yielded significant insights and returns on investment, enhancing project planning, execution, and analysis.

Program Management Services

Offering expert guidance to ensure projects are designed for optimal execution.

Including budget development, estimating, cost control, and forecasting, to maintain financial integrity throughout the program lifecycle.

Utilising digital solutions and data-driven decision-making to optimise program outcomes and support sustainable and renewable solutions.

Project Management & Delivery

Ensuring every project benefits from our comprehensive design expertise.

Prioritising stakeholder engagement and rigorous health, safety, environment, and quality management.