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Revitalising Community Spaces in Newcastle

This project prioritises ecological health by transforming concrete stormwater channels into green spaces with terraced sandstone block embankments and extensive native planting.

Project Overview

Diona, in partnership with Hunter Water, undertook a series of projects focused on enhancing the amenity of open stormwater channels in Jesmond, Mayfield, and Cardiff. These initiatives focused on transforming urban spaces into areas that are environmentally sustainable and beneficial for the community, offering revitalised, green spaces for public use and enjoyment.

Project Need

Revitalising stormwater channels is essential for creating more liveable communities. By focusing on the enhancement and naturalisation of these channels, the project aims to enrich the natural environment, create revitalised spaces for community enjoyment, and foster a stronger connection between the community and their local waterways.

Project Solution

The project involved a comprehensive overhaul of existing concrete stormwater channels at various sites, including Throsby Creek in Mayfield, Winding Creek in Cardiff, and Dark Creek in Jesmond. The project’s core activities include constructing terraced sandstone block embankments, building salt marsh communities, and implementing extensive native planting to enhance the natural environment. In addition to these ecological improvements, the project focused on creating functional community spaces by installing accessible footpaths and creating sloped embankments.

An integral part of the project’s execution was the initial stage of site preparation. This included installing environmental controls, clearing the site, identifying buried assets, and managing water flow. Innovative solutions, such as temporary cofferdam structures, were key to these efforts. The construction plan was meticulously designed to minimise disruption to the local community, ensuring safe access and minimal environmental impact during works.

Value Add | Benefit
Environmental Enhancement

The project prioritised ecological health, using sustainable materials and methods to support local biodiversity and enhance the landscape’s natural appeal.

Community Well-being

The improved stormwater channels will offer more visually pleasing and functional spaces for community activities, encouraging active recreation and a healthier lifestyle.

Feedback and Recognition

The projects achieved zero complaints and six compliments across all four projects, with over 1,500 residents located in close proximity to our work areas. In excess of 1,500 notifications were distributed to the local community, with our community engagement team regularly interacting with local residents and businesses.

Positive feedback from the City of Newcastle and local residents highlights Diona’s commitment to high-quality work and effective community engagement. The project’s success is further evidenced by Diona’s invitation to speak at the Hunter Water Contractor Continuous Improvement and Innovation forum, emphasising our focus on construction and community sustainability.

Following a community survey, the project averaged:

  • 92% satisfaction rating for project communications
  • 95% satisfaction rating for project dust and noise management
  • 93% for construction behaviour and professionalism
Project Figures
  • 300+ sandstone blocks, each weighing roughly 600kgs installed to create the tiered embankment
  • 600 native species of plants, across the three-tier embankment
  • 6700 native plants together with mulch have been installed adjacent to the new footpath.
ESG Alignment

The project prioritises ecological health by transforming concrete stormwater channels into green spaces with terraced sandstone block embankments, salt marsh communities, and extensive native planting. These efforts enhance biodiversity and the natural appeal of the landscape, contributing to environmental sustainability.

By revitalising stormwater channels, the project creates visually pleasing and functional spaces for community enjoyment and activities. Accessible footpaths and sloped embankments improve accessibility, encouraging active recreation and promoting a healthier lifestyle among residents. This enhances community well-being and fosters a stronger connection between the community and their local waterways.

By revitalising stormwater channels, the project improves water management and quality in urban areas, aligning with the aim of ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for all.

The project enhances the livability of urban spaces by creating green, accessible community areas. This promotes sustainable urban development, including the provision of safe and inclusive public spaces.

The incorporation of sustainable materials and methods, along with the creation of green spaces, helps mitigate the urban heat island effect and promotes climate resilience in cities.

Through the restoration of natural habitats and native planting, the project supports terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity, contributing to the preservation and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

Collaboration between Diona and Hunter Water demonstrates the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development objectives, highlighting the role of public-private partnerships in driving positive change.

Community and Client Feedback