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Brisbane CBD Mains Renewal: Fortifying the Heart of the City


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Transforming Brisbane’s Urban Landscape

Diona’s successful completion of the Brisbane CBD Mains Renewal project, in partnership with Urban Utilities, showcases a blend of modern engineering and environmental stewardship.

Project Overview

Partnering with Urban Utilities, Diona is instrumental in revitalising Brisbane’s CBD water network through the Water North Zones Program. The ambitious first-year undertaking involved replacing over 1 kilometre of century-old mains across Charlotte Street, Creek Street, Coronation Drive, and Tank Street. This complex task was executed amidst the bustling city environment, impacting over 3,000 customers including residents, businesses, and heavy foot traffic.

Project Need

The main renewal project was essential due to the aging infrastructure, ensuring sustainable water service for Brisbane’s CBD. The challenge was to upgrade the network without disrupting the city’s vibrant life and respecting environmental sustainability.

Project Solution

Diona employed trenchless construction methods for over 20% of the pipeline alignment, significantly reducing environmental impact. A centralised compound and efficient logistics minimised vehicle movements, fuel use, and enabled effective waste segregation. Design and construction methodologies led to substantial water savings and recycling of materials, with no trees removed from the project alignment.

Value Add | Benefit
Resilient Infrastructure

Enhanced water network resilience in Brisbane’s heart, promising reliable service for decades.

Environmental Stewardship

Achieved through innovative construction methods, resulting in significant water savings and high recycling rates of construction materials.

Community-centric Approach

Careful stakeholder management ensured minimal disruption to the CBD’s daily life and received appreciation for sensitive project execution.

Cost Savings and Awards

The project saved Urban Utilities $1.3 million and earned accolades, including the 2021 CCF National and QLD Awards.

ESG Alignment

Upgrading aged water infrastructure for sustainability, using trenchless construction methods to minimise environmental impact, achieving significant water savings, and promoting recycling of construction materials.

The main focus of the project is to replace old and aging water mains, which is crucial for providing sustainable water services. This aligns with the goal of ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

The use of trenchless construction methods and innovative logistical strategies demonstrates advancement in sustainable infrastructure development. These innovative approaches not only make the infrastructure more resilient but also reduce environmental impact.

The project contributes to making Brisbane’s CBD more sustainable by upgrading essential water infrastructure with minimal disruption to city life. This effort enhances urban resilience and sustainability, ensuring reliable services for a dense urban population.

The project’s emphasis on water savings, effective waste segregation, and recycling of construction materials reflects a commitment to sustainable resource use and waste management.

The collaboration between Diona, Urban Utilities, and other stakeholders underscores the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development, particularly in urban infrastructure projects.

Industry Awards

Winner: Project Value $2m – $5m category

Winner: Project Value $2m – $5m category

Finalist: Project $2m to $5m category

Finalist: Infrastructure Project Innovation Award (Metro) for Customer Centric Water Isolations

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