Urban Utilities and Brisbane City Council

Brisbane Metro Early Works Phase 1


Pump station and pipeline

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Design and Construction

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Enabling Transport Infrastructure Projects

In a significant step towards modernising Brisbane’s transport connectivity, Diona partnered with Urban Utilities and Brisbane City Council to deliver the Brisbane Metro Early Works Phase 1 project.

Project Overview

This project involved constructing a new sewerage pump station at Grey Street for Urban Utilities and laying sewer pipelines for the Brisbane City Council. Situated in a strategic urban location, this project was crucial in linking Brisbane’s city centre with its suburbs, enhancing the city’s overall infrastructure efficiency.

Project Need

To make way for the Brisbane Metro development, various utility relocations and upgrades were required as part of the early works packages. Moreover, the project aimed to address the growing demands on the city’s infrastructure due to its expanding population and urban development.

Project Solution

Diona successfully executed the construction of a 17m deep pump station and a 250m long, 1.2m diameter micro-tunnel under Grey Street. The project’s complexity was heightened by its proximity to heritage-listed buildings and the requirement to work within the narrow confines of the Queensland Cultural Centre. Innovative engineering solutions were implemented to enhance constructability, lower risks, and create efficiencies. Despite the urban challenges, including major traffic and pedestrian management, Diona completed the project safely and on schedule.

Value Add | Benefit
Sustainable Development

The project sets a benchmark in sustainable urban infrastructure development, utilising advanced engineering techniques while minimising environmental impact. The newly constructed pump station was restored to a public park with native trees, plants and landscaping allowing full access across the site for the public to enjoy as a local amenity.

Community Engagement

Through meticulous planning and execution, Diona ensured minimal disruption to the local community, maintaining access for buses and pedestrians, and effectively managing stakeholder relationships.

Innovative Technology

Diona, in partnership with Urban Utilities and Mott MacDonald developed a 3D augmented reality model of the sewer pump station, marking a significant advancement in digital construction and asset management. This innovative technology provides Urban Utilities with an essential tool for future planning and maintenance, showcasing the potential of augmented reality in enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Cultural Heritage Preservation

Conducted under a heritage permit, the works included high-standard restoration efforts using special heritage concrete mix, showcasing respect for the area’s cultural heritage.

Efficient Collaboration

The project’s success was a result of early engagement with stakeholders and the seamless integration of various project components, demonstrating the effectiveness of collaborative project management in complex urban environments.

Key Aspects
  • Early engagement de-risked the project
  • Temporary works design for wet well, grit chamber and receival pit
  • Asset owner interactions and managing utility relocations
  • Traffic and pedestrian management
  • Noise, vibration and survey monitoring
  • Managing unknowns (PUPs/location and altering works),ground conditions, underground services
  • Multiple work fronts, scheduling works to achieve program efficiency
  • Community and stakeholder interface – high-priority and heritage stakeholders
ESG Alignment

Enables improved public transport, linking Brisbane’s city centre with its suburbs, enhancing the city’s overall infrastructure efficiency and connecting people and places.

This project plays a crucial role in improving wastewater management and sanitation infrastructure, thus contributing to the goal of ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

The innovative design and construction approaches for deep concrete structures and micro-tunnelling techniques demonstrate advancements in industry and infrastructure. This aligns with the goal of building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and fostering innovation.

By minimising disruptions in a busy urban area and ensuring efficient traffic management during construction, this project contributes to making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

The collaboration between Diona, Urban Utilities, Brisbane City Council, and other stakeholders illustrates effective partnerships to achieve a shared goal of sustainable urban development.

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