Enabling communities to thrive

Welcome to Diona, where our purpose, story, and values connect to define our commitment to building a better future through essential community infrastructure.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple: to enable communities to thrive through the provision of essential community infrastructure. This commitment is rooted in our belief that accessible and sustainable infrastructure is key to community well-being and prosperity. In doing so, we contribute to building a healthier planet and a brighter future for generations to come.

Our Story

Diona’s story, spanning over 40 years, reflects a journey from modest beginnings to a well-known and respected name in civil construction.

Check out our video below to watch our story unfold and see what we’ve achieved, all thanks to teamwork and focusing on communities.

Thriving Together: Our path to sustainable success

We believe our success stems from our collaborative philosophy, engaging early and continuously with clients, stakeholders, and communities, fostering trust and transparency throughout each project.

We take pride in our work and its sustainable impact. We see each project as an opportunity to enhance the communities we serve and demonstrate our commitment to responsible and beneficial development. Our projects not only serve communities today but are designed with future generations in mind.

Enabling communities to thrive is at the heart of everything we do. Every project, every collaboration is a step towards this goal, driven by our commitment to sustainable and community-focused development. This essence of who we are shapes the core of our business.

Our Values

At Diona we take Our Values seriously. They’re at the heart of everything we do. They guide how we work with our clients, support our communities, and treat each other. Shaped through comprehensive workshops with our team, these values reflect our collective commitment to lead with excellence, honesty, and respect.

Our Values aren’t just words on a page – they are actions we live by every day. They keep us focused on what’s important, driving us to excel, to look out for each other’s well-being, to keep our promises, and to celebrate our wins together.

Living our values means they are a real part of our culture, influencing every decision and interaction. It’s about making a positive impact, ensuring everyone at Diona feels valued, and leaving a lasting mark on the communities we’re a part of. This dedication turns our values from concepts into the lived reality of our daily work, uniting us as we strive to make a real difference.

Diona Values Wheel

We go above and beyond

We’ve achieved so much through hard work, tenacity and a true desire to deliver. Our people are proud to give their all, achieve more and exceed expectations. It’s who we are and it’s not just about the big stuff. It feels good to go further – for our clients, the community and each other.

We care for people’s well-being

Here, people matter most. Our teams work hard to get the job done, but they never lose sight of people and connection. It’s about ensuring our people are safe, well and supported to bring their best. It’s also about caring for our clients and the community. People here truly care. And it sets us apart.

We do what we say

Trust matters to our people and our clients. And building trust starts with integrity. As individuals and teams, we strive to deliver on our promises – and we’re respected for that. As always, it’s also about each other. We’re accountable for our contribution and our impact on others.

We succeed together

Teamwork is a core ingredient of our business – it’s how we’ve come this far. Succeeding together is about collaborating, communicating, supporting and celebrating. It’s also about sharing and learning, across teams, businesses and places. That’s our bright future.

Our Commitment to ESG

At Diona, we go beyond the basics, embedding Environmental, Social, and Governance principles in everything we do. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact, supporting our communities, and upholding strong governance. This commitment reflects our goal to make a lasting positive difference in the communities we work with.

A woman sitting peacefully on the bank of a serene fjord, reflecting on the beauty of nature.

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