A Commitment to Meaningful Change

Diona is honoured to share our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), receiving Reconciliation Australia’s endorsement as a testament to our dedication to fostering reconciliation. Opting for a ‘Reflect’ RAP, we’ve set ourselves challenging objectives to drive tangible, sustainable change across our business practices and in the communities we serve.

Operating nationwide, Diona embraces the role of an advocate for reconciliation, striving to enhance cultural understanding, forge stronger partnerships, and engage actively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The formalisation of our RAP marks a crucial advancement in our journey towards reconciliation.

"Beeliar Yerrigan" abstract aerial artwork by Noongar artist Bradley Kickett, depicting the vibrant waterways and rich vegetation of Whadjuk Noongar Country.

Explore Our Commitment to Reconciliation

Our Path Forward

Our RAP is a pledge for substantial change and a guide for future actions, outlining specific initiatives to deepen our respect, understanding, and connections. Initiatives include cultural training, support for Indigenous businesses, and community participation, embedding these principles into our core operations for a more inclusive, culturally aware business environment.

Strengthening Relationships

Developing deeper connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Cultivating Respect

Promoting environments of mutual respect.

Driving Opportunities

Establishing partnerships to foster economic growth.

Measuring Progress

Continually assessing our advancements towards these goals.

Our Journey Towards Reconciliation

Reconciliation Australia celebrates Diona’s commitment through the endorsement of our Reflect RAP, welcoming us into a community dedicated to reconciliation. This RAP lays the groundwork for future actions and initiatives aimed at achieving a just, equitable, and inclusive Australia.

Beeliar Yerrigan, by Noongar artist Bradley Kickett, symbolises the vital waterways of Whadjuk Noongar Country, embodying the lifeline these waters represent to the area. Kickett’s art, inspired by the land’s beauty and stories, serves as a visual expression of our reconciliation journey.

Our leadership is deeply committed to reconciliation, recognising the importance of partnership, diversity, and inclusivity in achieving collective success. The RAP sets challenging yet essential steps towards building respectful relationships, creating opportunities, and advancing our collective journey towards reconciliation.

Diona envisions an Australia where equality and opportunity prevail for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, informed by an understanding and acceptance of our shared history. Through education, open communication, and celebrating cultural achievements, we aim to foster a workplace and society that values diversity and inclusivity.

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Engagement Strategy outlines clear goals for increasing participation and engagement, aiming to enrich our workforce and the communities we work within. This strategy sets the stage for Diona to contribute actively to Australia’s reconciliation journey.

National Reconciliation Week reminds us to appreciate, understand, and respect the rich cultures, histories, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We encourage our entire team, alongside partners and community members, to engage in activities that advance reconciliation.