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Gawler East Link Road: Link to the Future

Enhancing Gawler East’s connectivity and sustainability, the Link Road Project promises reduced travel times and a robust utility network for a thriving community.

Project Overview

The Gawler East Link Road Project, valued at $59.97 million, was a pivotal development aimed at enhancing transport infrastructure in the Gawler East urban growth area. By constructing a new 5.5 km road and upgrading existing networks, this project facilitated residential development and improved local traffic flow. In parallel, Diona was commissioned by Bardavcol to significantly upgrade the sewer and water network, ensuring it meets the rising demands of the area

Project Need

Gawler East’s rapid development and population growth necessitated a dual focus on transport and utility infrastructure. The project addresses the need for improved road access to support the area’s urban growth, while the utility upgrades by Diona are crucial for providing the necessary capacity to sustain this development, highlighting a comprehensive approach to regional enhancement.

Project Solution

Diona’s scope included the construction of 4.3 km of DN375 sewer and PVC-M water mains, complete with all associated manholes, connections, fire plugs, and valves. This extended to integrating these new systems into the existing networks, involving testing and commissioning in coordination with SA Water. Notably, the project featured the innovative suspension of sewer and water pipelines from a bridge substructure, showcasing Diona’s technical expertise and adaptive engineering solutions.

Value Add | Benefit
Enhanced Transport Efficiency

The provides a direct route to Main North Road, bypassing Gawler Town Centre, which is set to reduce travel times, decrease the risk of accidents, and lower vehicle emissions through improved traffic flow.

Infrastructure Capacity Boost

The sewer and water network upgrades deliver essential capacity enhancements, ensuring Gawler East’s infrastructure can accommodate future growth demands.

Environmental and Community Impact

By reducing travel delays and associated emissions, and by ensuring reliable utility services, the project contributes positively to the community’s quality of life and environmental sustainability.

ESG Alignment

Enhances the quality of life for Gawler East’s residents, the project fosters improved connectivity, ensures safer travel, and reduces commute times, supporting a commitment to the community’s well-being and social prosperity.

The project’s enhancement of the sewer and water network ensures sustainable water management and sanitation services for the growing Gawler East area. By increasing capacity, it contributes to the goal of clean water and sanitation for all.

The project’s construction of the new road and associated infrastructure upgrades represent an advancement in industry, innovation, and infrastructure. The project involves complex engineering tasks, showcasing Diona’s capability in delivering essential infrastructure efficiently.

The project contributes to sustainable urban development by improving transportation infrastructure, reducing travel times, and minimising vehicle emissions. This enhancement of the urban environment directly impacts the quality of life for the residents of Gawler East.

The collaborative effort between Diona, Bardavcol, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), and SA Water demonstrates effective partnerships that are essential in achieving complex infrastructure projects and sustainable development goals.