Peakhurst Substation: Powering Sydney’s Future


Electrical substation

Contract Type

Construction & Commissioning

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Powering Sydney’s Future

Diona’s partnership with Ausgrid, to upgrade critical infrastructure supports efficient and reliable electricity supply which is essential for urban development and the well-being of communities.

Project Overview

Diona successfully delivered the civil, structural and electrical fit-out for a new switch room building at the existing Peakhurst substation site.

Project Need

Peakhurst substation, like other zone substations, plays a vital role in the power supply chain, transmitting electricity from its generation to end-users. Incoming electricity, at a high voltage of 132kV, is converted to 33kV for community distribution. Due to its nearly 50-year operational history, an upgrade was necessary to accommodate future growth.

Project Solution

Diona delivered the substation and associated structures which included bulk earthworks, concrete FRP construction, structural steelwork, brickwork, internal fit-out, fire doors installation, conduit trenching, services diversion, cable hauling, and final trim and landscaping.

Value Add | Benefit
Safe Project Delivery

The project was executed with precision, carefully coordinating works around live services to prioritise safety and minimise impacts on the community and customers.

Engineering Excellence

Diona significantly contributed to Ausgrid by providing essential engineering solutions, proactively planning multiple RFIs, and preparing design documents well in advance.

Technical Accomplishment

The precise installation of switchgear mounting steelwork, requiring accuracy within +/- 1 mm, stands as a notable achievement. Strategic planning and efficient resource allocation played a crucial role in exceeding project milestones while minimising disruption to Ausgrid.

ESG Alignment

Enhances community resilience and environmental sustainability by upgrading electrical infrastructure.

By modernising the power supply chain, the project supports efforts to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for the community, which is a key aspect of sustainable energy development.

The upgrade of the electrical substation infrastructure supports building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation. The project ensures efficient and reliable electricity distribution, which is crucial for industry and infrastructure development.

Upgrading the substation contributes to making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. Reliable electricity supply is essential for urban development and the well-being of communities.