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APA Mains Renewal in Fitzroy

Revitalising Fitzroy’s gas network with high pressure mains to enhance urban energy efficiency, ensuring a sustainable and reliable gas supply for the community.

Project Overview

In partnership with APA, Diona embarked on a significant project to upgrade 10 kilometres of low-pressure gas distribution mains in Fitzroy, an inner-Melbourne suburb. This collaborative effort is a key component of APA’s comprehensive strategy to modernise Fitzroy’s gas infrastructure. By transitioning to high-pressure systems, this partnership aims to cater to the community’s evolving needs and secure a reliable gas supply for the future.

Project Need

Fitzroy’s existing gas infrastructure required modernisation to meet the current and future demands of the densely populated area. Upgrading the gas mains to high pressure systems addresses the need for a more efficient, reliable gas supply, while navigating the complexities of an urban environment with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Project Solution

The upgrade primarily used an insertion method, repurposing existing gas mains as conduits for the new high pressure poly main. Alternative installation methods, including open cut and directional drilling, were used as dictated by specific site conditions. Diona implemented hydro excavation techniques to mitigate risks associated with high voltage electrical conduits and other urban infrastructure challenges, improving project efficiency and safety. Collaboration with stakeholders like Yarra Trams, VicRoads, local businesses, and residents was key to minimising disruption during the upgrade.

Value Add | Benefit
Enhanced Infrastructure Resilience

The transition to high pressure gas mains significantly boosts the reliability and capacity of Fitzroy’s gas distribution network.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Through proactive communication and innovative construction techniques, Diona ensured minimal impact on the local community and infrastructure.

Safety and Efficiency

Adopting hydro excavation over mechanical methods reduced risks and expedited the project, demonstrating Diona’s commitment to safety and efficiency.

ESG Alignment

Enhances community well-being and safety by upgrading gas infrastructure to high-pressure systems, ensuring reliable and efficient energy supply to Fitzroy.

The project’s focus on upgrading gas distribution mains to high-pressure systems supports the goal of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy. By improving the efficiency and reliability of the gas supply, the project contributes to the broader goal of clean energy infrastructure.

The use of innovative methods such as insertion for mains upgrade, and hydro excavation instead of mechanical excavation, demonstrates a commitment to industry, innovation, and resilient infrastructure. This approach enhances the efficiency and safety of the infrastructure development process.

The project plays a vital role in developing sustainable urban infrastructure. By upgrading the gas distribution system in a dense urban area, it contributes to the creation of more sustainable and resilient communities, ensuring reliable energy supply with minimal disruption to daily life.

The collaboration between Diona, Yarra Trams, VicRoads, local councils, and residents reflects the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development. These collaborations are crucial for effectively managing urban infrastructure projects within complex city environments.