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Water North Framework


Water Infrastructure - Dam, Storage, Pipeline, Network, Facility

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Collaborative Program

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Advancing Water Infrastructure Across South Australia

SA Water’s, Water North Framework addresses the growing demand for resilient and efficient water systems across South Australia.

Project Overview

MDJV, a joint venture between Diona and McConnell Dowell, is a delivery partner as part of SA Water’s Water North Framework, a four-year capital works program covering a diverse portfolio including dam upgrades, earth bank storage facility construction and remediation, water tank construction and refurbishment, network enhancements and water treatment process improvements. Spanning a large geographical footprint across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia, this program aims to improve water services for South Australian communities.

Project Need

The Water North Framework addresses the growing demand for resilient and efficient water systems across South Australia. The wide-ranging scope of the program reflects the diverse needs of both urban and regional communities, necessitating innovative solutions and extensive geographical coverage.

Project Solution

MDJV’s engagement includes program management, concept development, budget estimation, design and delivery of construction works. The joint venture brings a unique combination of design and engineering expertise, and experienced self-performing construction teams, to ensure cost-effective and efficient project delivery.

Value Add | Benefit
Innovative Project Execution

MDJV’s collaboration with SA Water and its Front-End Engineering partners in the early planning and development phases has led to significant savings and program efficiencies through design optimisation, practical constructability advice, optioneering, budget estimates, material selection and early procurement strategies.

Social and Environmental Commitment

MDJV has shown a commitment to social and environmental sustainability across its projects. Educational programs like the Year 6 STEM project exploring the challenges of the Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline replacement have been pivotal in fostering young minds’ interest in engineering. Community engagement activities, such as tree planting with Xavier College and water donation to the Two Wells Country Fire Service, demonstrate an active involvement in local community wellbeing. Sustainable construction practices, including recycling and reduced usage of potable water, further support this commitment.

Enhanced Local Employment and Training

The program has been instrumental in promoting local employment and prioritising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers. On the Leigh Creek project, MDJV provided employment as well as valuable on-the-job training and mentoring, contributing to meaningful community development. This approach has seen 14% of the construction work on the Leigh Creek project carried out by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, fostering skill-building and economic growth in this community.

Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement

Through effective collaboration with various stakeholders, MDJV has managed to align project objectives with community interests, ensuring minimal disruption and maximising benefits.

Key Aspects
  • Collaborative delivery program
  • 150 individual projects
  • 60,000m of water pipelines
  • 2 earth bank storage projects
  • 2 distribution pump stations successfully delivered
  • 21 water tank remediation work (including concrete & structural remediation) projects complete
  • 2 water tank new builds (10ML + 32ML) including construction of the fastest ever built tank for SA Water in Port Lincoln
  • 14% of construction on Leigh Creek project undertaken by local Aboriginal workers
  • 5% savings achieved in year 2 (2022/23)
ESG Alignment

The project focuses on upgrading water infrastructure, which directly enhances water management efficiency. Initiatives such as recycling and reducing potable water usage demonstrate a commitment to sustainable construction practices. Additionally, the project involves earth bank storage projects, which can contribute to water conservation and ecosystem preservation.

MDJV’s engagement goes beyond construction activities to actively involve and benefit local communities. Educational initiatives like the STEM project not only raise awareness about engineering challenges but also inspire young minds to pursue careers in STEM fields. Community engagement activities, such as tree planting and water donation, foster a sense of belonging and contribute to local wellbeing.

The project’s success is also attributed to effective governance and collaborative excellence. By utilising collaborative models and fostering partnerships with various stakeholders, Diona ensures that the project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality. This commitment to collaborative excellence aligns with ESG principles of governance and highlights Diona’s ability to drive positive outcomes through effective collaboration and partnership.

By upgrading water infrastructure and improving water management efficiency, the Water North Framework directly contributes to ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for communities across South Australia.

Through innovative project execution, including design optimisation and cost-effective construction methods, the Framework fosters the development of resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialisation and innovation.

SA Water’s focus on enhancing water services across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia contributes to building more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and communities.

By reducing potable water usage, implementing sustainable construction practices, and improving water distribution efficiency, the Water North Framework supports efforts to combat climate change and its impacts.

Collaboration between MDJV, SA Water, and various stakeholders exemplifies the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development objectives, demonstrating a commitment to fostering effective partnerships for sustainable development.

Highlight Projects under the Water North Framework

60km of water pipeline delivered to date including 7 kilometres of trunk mains upgrades in the Barossa region.

  • 2 distribution pump station construction projects successfully delivered
  • Monarto Augmentation – augmentation of existing White Hill 367kw and new build of Old Princes Highway

2 earth bank storage projects completed