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Hay Street Substation: Powering Sydney’s Urban Pulse


Electrical substation

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Empowering Sydney’s Future

The Hay Street Substation fuels the light rail network, driving urban connectivity and sustainable transport.

Project Overview

Diona was commissioned by Acciona Infrastructure Australia to deliver the critical Hay Street Substation, powering the Sydney Light Rail through the CBD.

As a key component of the light rail network, the substation ensures the reliability of Sydney’s public transport, marking a significant advancement in urban mobility.

Located strategically within Sydney CBD, the substation underscores Diona’s expertise in tackling complex infrastructure projects within challenging urban settings.

Project Need

The Hay Street Substation was established to fulfill the critical need for a dependable energy source powering Sydney’s Light Rail. Its central location in Sydney’s CBD was chosen to guarantee a consistent electricity supply, vital for the expanding sustainable urban transit network. This project addresses the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation options, underscoring the city’s commitment to enhancing its public transport infrastructure.

Project Solution

Diona overcame the CBD location’s spatial challenges (16m x 8.2m, five levels) using innovative techniques, including a self-erecting crane and a special shutter panel for precise clearance. The meticulous installation of Alstom equipment required concrete slabs with a tolerance of +/- 1 mm. Proactive collaboration with stakeholders like Acciona, Ausgrid, and Transport for NSW, alongside strategies to mitigate impacts on heritage sites and local businesses, were key to the project’s success.

Value Add | Benefit
Supporting Urban Mobility

The substation contributes to the reliability of Sydney’s light rail transport, supporting the city’s shift towards sustainable public transport options.

Technical Excellence

Demonstrates Diona’s capability in executing complex projects within the restrictive confines of urban environments, ensuring precision in construction under challenging conditions.

Community and Heritage Consideration

The project navigated the challenges of working near heritage buildings and businesses, minimising disruption and preserving the city’s architectural integrity.

ESG Alignment

Supports sustainable urban development by enhancing public transport infrastructure, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly mobility.

The construction of the Hay Street substation is crucial for the operation of the Sydney Light Rail, showcasing Diona’s contribution to building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation. This project is integral to the development of sustainable transport infrastructure in a major city.

By supporting the Sydney Light Rail network, the project contributes to making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. Efficient and reliable public transport like light rail is essential for urban development and enhancing the quality of life in cities.

Supporting public transportation infrastructure like the light rail contributes to climate change mitigation by promoting environmentally friendly transportation options and reducing reliance on individual vehicles.

The collaboration between Diona and multiple stakeholders, including Acciona, Ausgrid, Alstom, Transport for NSW, and City of Sydney, highlights the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development goals.