Rozelle Substation Expansion and Associated Civil Works


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Powering Progress: The Rozelle Substation Expansion

Advancing Rozelle with a sustainable and reliable energy upgrade, setting the essential foundation for future infrastructure.

Project Overview

Diona was commissioned by Ausgrid for the pivotal upgrade of the Rozelle Substation, aimed at bolstering reliable and sustainable power supply to meet the burgeoning demands of the area. This initiative is critical in supporting key developments like the WestConnex Rozelle Interchange and Sydney Metro West, ensuring the infrastructure’s readiness for future growth.

Project Need

The upgrade was necessitated by the need to enhance the substation’s capacity and reliability in light of the expected increase in energy demand from new infrastructure projects. The existing facilities required significant improvements to accommodate this growth, maintain service reliability, and incorporate sustainable energy solutions.

Project Solution

Scope included constructing a new combined 33 kV switch room and control building, complete with a cable basement, full switch building fit-out, and various civil works such as demolition, conduit installation, and concrete driveway reinstatement. Innovatively, Diona proposed an alternative pile design that mitigated risks associated with deep excavations, groundwater, and contaminated material disposal, streamlining the construction process.

Value Add | Benefit
Enhanced Infrastructure Reliability

The substation upgrade significantly improves power reliability, catering to both current needs and future developments in Rozelle and surrounding areas.

Sustainable Development Support

By upgrading the Rozelle Substation, the project lays a foundation for sustainable power distribution, essential for new projects like WestConnex and Sydney Metro West.

Risk Mitigation and Time Efficiency

The adoption of an alternative pile design not only addressed environmental and safety risks but also optimised the project timeline, showcasing Diona’s innovative approach to complex engineering challenges.

Health and Safety Prioritisation

Amidst unprecedented global challenges of COVID-19, the team’s commitment to health and safety protocols ensured the wellbeing of all personnel, exemplifying Diona’s dedication to creating a secure work environment.

ESG Alignment

Enhances community resilience and environmental sustainability by upgrading Rozelle’s electrical infrastructure.

The upgrade supports reliable and sustainable power supply, contributing to the goal of providing affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. It supports the capacity for future infrastructure development, essential for energy efficiency and sustainability.

The project involves innovative construction techniques and infrastructure upgrades, aligning with the goal of building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and fostering innovation. The alternative pile design solution is an example of innovative engineering reducing risks and construction time.

power supply in the Rozelle area contributes to making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. Reliable power is crucial for the functioning of urban areas and future infrastructure projects like the WestConnex Rozelle Interchange and Sydney Metro West.

Upgrading the electrical infrastructure to more efficient and sustainable systems contributes to climate mitigation by supporting energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of energy supply.

The collaboration between Diona, Ausgrid, and other stakeholders in this infrastructure project highlights the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development goals, especially in complex urban environments.