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Murarrie Looping Project: Linking Brisbane’s Gas Future


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Beneath the Brisbane River: A Pipeline Revolution

Transforming Brisbane’s energy landscape, the Murarrie Looping Project introduces a vital gas pipeline beneath the Brisbane River, enhancing city-wide reliability and setting a benchmark for innovative infrastructure solutions.

Project Overview

The Murarrie Looping Project, conducted by Diona for the APA Group, represents a significant advancement in Brisbane’s gas infrastructure. Tasked with the challenge of installing 905 metres of DN300 steel gas pipeline beneath the Brisbane River, the project aimed to replace ageing infrastructure and establish a secondary connection between the north and south of Brisbane, ensuring the longevity and reliability of gas services.

Project Need

The replacement of the ageing gas pipeline was critical for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of Brisbane’s gas distribution network. The project’s necessity was underscored by the need for a more robust infrastructure capable of supporting the city’s current and future energy demands, thereby enhancing the reliability of gas supply across Brisbane.

Project Solution

A mix of open cut and trenchless Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) techniques were used to install 1.9 km of steel pipeline. The project’s centrepiece was the HDD installation of the pipeline under the Brisbane River, a complex operation due to the river’s lease boundaries and the required depth of installation. The execution involved meticulous planning, the use of an advanced DD1080 500t drilling rig, and a gyroscopic survey instrument for precise alignment. The successful pull-through required the coordinated effort of over 70 personnel and innovative solutions to access constraints, including suspending the pipeline above a driveway with cranes and excavators.

Value Add | Benefit
Enhanced Infrastructure Reliability

By replacing older sections of the gas network and adding a secondary pipeline, the project significantly boosts the reliability and capacity of Brisbane’s gas supply.

Technical Innovation

The use of HDD technology and advanced survey instruments exemplifies the project’s cutting-edge approach to infrastructure development, minimising environmental impact and disruption.

Safety and Precision

Through detailed planning and testing, both pre- and post-installation, the project ensured the safety and accuracy of the pipeline’s placement, promising a long-term solution to Brisbane’s energy needs.

ESG Alignment

Minimises ecological impact by employing HDD technology for the Murarrie Looping Project, ensuring preservation of Brisbane’s river ecosystem.

This project contributes to ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. By replacing ageing gas infrastructure and providing a secondary connection pipeline, the project enhances the reliability and sustainability of the energy network.

The use of advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) methods for the installation of the pipeline showcases innovation in infrastructure development. The project also highlights the importance of building resilient infrastructure to support economic development and human well-being.

By improving the gas infrastructure linking the north and south of Brisbane, the project contributes to making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. Reliable energy infrastructure is crucial for the functioning and development of urban areas.

The collaboration between Diona, APA Group, and other stakeholders, including specialised drilling contractors, highlights the importance of partnerships in achieving sustainable development, particularly in complex engineering projects.