Moreton Bay Regional Council

Petrie Mill Trunk Sewer Augmentation & Pump Station


Pump station and trunk sewer main

Contract Type

Construction and commissioning

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Petrie Mill’s Sewer System Transformation

Petrie Mill’s trunk sewer augmentation blends innovative engineering with environmental stewardship, fostering sustainable development and community well-being.

Project Overview

In partnership with Moreton Bay Regional Council, Diona played a pivotal role in the Petrie Mill Development by enhancing the sewerage infrastructure to support the transformation of the old mill site into a university campus. This initiative was crucial for upgrading Unitywater’s sewer network to meet the future demands of the new development, ensuring a sustainable and efficient sewerage system for the growing university and the surrounding community.

Project Need

An in-depth analysis of the Unitywater sewer network revealed capacity shortfalls that would impact the Petrie Mill Development. To facilitate the seamless operation of the university and accommodate future growth, the trunk sewer required significant augmentation. This was critical not only for the immediate needs of the university but also for the long-term sustainability of the area’s sewerage system.

Project Solution

The project enhanced sewer capacity with GRP piping and a creek-crossing bridge, alongside deep sewer manholes and live cutovers, improving system reliability. A modern sewer pump station with emergency storage was also developed, meeting the university campus’s needs and supporting future community growth and sustainability.

Value Add | Benefit
Infrastructure Capacity Enhancement

By augmenting the trunk sewer and installing a new pump station, the project significantly boosted the sewer network’s capacity, directly supporting the PMD and future expansions.

Environmental and Community Consideration

Diona minimised environmental impact by using hydro excavation near sensitive habitats and engaging with the community for project alignment, effectively balancing infrastructure upgrades with ecological preservation and community growth.

Expertise and Quality Delivery

Leveraging experienced crews, Diona ensured high-quality workmanship under challenging conditions, adding substantial value to the project through efficiency and risk management.

ESG Alignment

Employs sustainable construction practices and hydro excavation to minimise ecological impact, aligning infrastructure upgrades with environmental conservation in the Petrie Mill area.

This project directly contributes to ensuring access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene by augmenting the existing sewer network capacity. The installation of a new sewerage pump station and trunk sewer main is vital for managing wastewater effectively, essential for public health and environmental protection.

The project reflects a commitment to building resilient infrastructure through innovative solutions, such as the construction of a bridge structure for sewer pipes and the use of advanced materials like GRP and MSCL pipes. This approach demonstrates innovation in infrastructure development, crucial for sustainable industrialisation.

By enhancing the sewage system’s capacity, this project supports sustainable urban development, particularly in accommodating the needs of the new university and the growing community. Improved infrastructure is key to making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

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