Building Essential Utilities for Today and Tomorrow

In an era where connectivity is paramount, our construction services are dedicated to creating and maintaining the essential utilities that bind our world – from water and sewer systems to gas, electricity, and telecommunications. Our approach encompasses every stage of development, offering end-to-end capability to ensure a seamless transition from design to completion. With a wealth of experience, our teams navigate through dense urban challenges and delicate natural settings, fostering strong bonds with asset owners, utility providers, and communities. Our commitment to safety, innovation, and efficiency is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver complex projects with minimal disruption, ensuring communities remain connected.

Workers at the Grey Street Pump Station construction site in Brisbane, engaged in tasks.

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Our Approach

Decades of Refined Delivery

With four decades in the utilities sector, we’ve refined our construction methodologies, leveraging cost intelligence and local insights to serve as a trusted partner for complex infrastructure projects.

Strategic Partnerships

Our established relationships within the supply chain and with authorities and government agencies streamline the approval processes, embodying our role as trusted partners to utility asset providers.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Our project approach is driven by curiosity and an eagerness to discover more efficient, community, and environmentally friendly solutions. From building, maintaining, to replacing essential infrastructure assets, our focus is on reducing impact and delivering value.

Safety and Sustainability

Our unwavering commitment to safety and a circular economy approach underscores our efforts to prevent environmental harm, enhance community resilience, and create shared value. We strive to hand over assets to owners that are sustainable and efficiently integrated into the community’s fabric.

Agility and Comprehensive Capability

Our in-house expertise across design, engineering, project management, and community engagement allows us to remain flexible and responsive, adding value at every project stage.

Our Promise

Our promise goes beyond building utilities. We aim to build connections that power communities, ensuring every aspect of our work — from initial planning to the final touches — reflects our dedication to safety, innovation, and efficiency. We are committed to minimising disruptions, protecting the environment, and enhancing the fabric of the communities we serve. With our comprehensive construction capabilities, we ensure that our infrastructure not only meets today’s needs but is also built with sustainability and resilience in mind for the future.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions

Our comprehensive services span the entire project lifecycle, offering clients a single interface for managing and delivering capital works. Our in-house capabilities, complemented by specialty partners, ensure a cohesive and efficient execution of:

From the initial planning stages to final execution, our project management practices ensure precision, efficiency, and alignment with client goals. This includes meticulous planning & scheduling, cost control, project controls, contract administration, and risk management.

We employ state-of-the-art construction methods, including trenchless technologies like Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Micro-tunnelling, to minimise environmental impact and community disruption.

Our extensive experience spans the construction and installation of various utilities infrastructure:

Cable Pulling

Ensuring electrical and telecommunications connectivity through safe and efficient cable installation.

Gas Insertion

Upgrading gas infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Open Cut Excavations

For direct access installations where trenchless methods are not feasible, executed with minimal environmental impact.


Major and minor earthworks to prepare sites for infrastructure development or enhancement.

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation Works

Comprehensive services to support the functional requirements of utility infrastructure, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Our commitment to sustainability and community well-being is evident in every project. This includes employing methods that reduce carbon footprint, engaging in community and stakeholder consultation, and implementing cultural heritage management practices.

Through our end-to-end capability, we not only build and maintain infrastructure but also foster community connections and environmental stewardship, ensuring the delivery of projects that meet today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.