Sustaining Life and Communities

Sustainable development starts with making sure everyone has access to safe and reliable water – today and in the future. With more than 35 years of work in improving water and wastewater systems, we’re committed to doing more than just our job. We aim to keep life going and support communities as they face changing environmental needs.

In our work with water and wastewater, we focus on being the best, finding new solutions, and taking care of the environment. Whether we’re bringing natural life back to city waterways or updating important water systems, every project shows our dedication to looking after nature and being responsible to the community. Explore how we handle water and wastewater management and see how important it is for building strong, lasting communities.

A child drinking water directly from a kitchen faucet, illustrating the importance of clean water access.

Curious about how we're transforming the future of water and wastewater management for communities?

Our Unique Approach

Decades of Dedicated Service

With over 35 years of hands-on experience, we’ve made a significant impact on water infrastructure and its management.

Holistic Water Cycle Management

We cover every aspect of the water cycle, showing our complete approach to water and wastewater solutions.

Commitment to Decarbonisation

We’re working on reducing our carbon footprint by using solar power for water storage, assessing our carbon impact, cutting down on leaks, and exploring new ways to use hydrogen in wastewater treatment.

Innovation at the Core

We use the latest technology, like under-over rollers and twin rock saw cutters, along with our unique management systems to provide specialist service.

Our Promise

At Diona, our commitment to water and wastewater management goes beyond service delivery. In partnership with communities and utilising innovative solutions, we pledge to safeguard and enhance water resources for today and the future. Our dedication to sustainability, decarbonisation, and resilience in water infrastructure ensures not only the reliability of these essential services but also their environmental responsibility. We are devoted to creating a legacy of clean water, robust ecosystems, and thriving communities, promising that our efforts today lay the foundation for a sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions

Our expertise encompasses a full spectrum of water and wastewater services, ensuring the resilience and sustainability of water infrastructure. We provide end-to-end solutions including:

Laying the foundation for robust water distribution networks.

Enhancing the efficiency and reliability of water treatment and distribution.

Securing water availability through strategic storage and reservoir management.

Maximising resource utilisation and ensuring sustainability.

Incorporating advanced technologies in control valves, PRV stations, and tank fill stations to optimise water flow and quality.

Committing to the ecological restoration of stormwater channels for enhanced community and environmental well-being.