Warragamba Pipeline & Corridor Restoration Program

Revitalising Infrastructure: The Progress of the Warragamba Pipeline & Corridor Restoration

ESG Alignment

Promoting water security and environmental protection.

SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation)

We’re thrilled to share that Diona will continue with the next stage of the Warragamba Pipeline & Corridor Restoration Program – Tranche 2 Coatings Package for WaterNSW. Building on the successful completion of an initial 970m section of the pipeline, we are now set to deliver an additional 2,134m or 15 anchor blocks.

Thomas Melvin, General Manager Operations for Diona said securing this next section of the pipeline is a testament to the collaborative delivery of the first work package and the high-quality of coating application achieved.

Diona has developed with WaterNSW a proven methodology for this work that is of a high standard and can be undertaken in an eco-friendly manner protecting the surrounding bushland and waterways from any impact.

This work is critical to ensuring the longevity of the pipeline, a vital source of drinking water for millions. Diona is honoured to collaborate with WaterNSW in safeguarding this essential infrastructure aligning closely with our commitment to sustainability and contributing to water security for the region.