Celebrating Safety Excellence: Elizabeth Street Project Wins Crew of the Quarter

Celebrating Safety Excellence: Elizabeth Street Project Wins Crew of the Quarter

ESG Alignment

The project’s execution with minimal disruption to the bustling city life of Brisbane’s CBD reflects a deep commitment to social responsibility. Ensuring public safety and minimising inconvenience during construction showcases the team’s dedication to the community’s wellbeing.

Winning the ‘Safety First’ award exemplifies the high governance standards maintained by the project team. This accolade acknowledges the rigorous safety protocols and ethical practices implemented throughout the project, setting a benchmark for safety excellence. It reflects a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within Diona.

SDGs: 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 13 (Climate Action), 17 (Partnerships for the Goals)

Safety First Crew of the Quarter Award

We are thrilled to announce that our Elizabeth Street Water Main Replacement Project Team has been honoured with the ‘Safety First’ award in Urban Utilities’ Crew of the Quarter Awards. Ensuring the safety of our teams and the community is at the core of everything we do, making this recognition especially meaningful to us.

Project Highlights

In our role as a delivery partner for Urban Utilities’ Water North Zones Program, we successfully replaced ageing water infrastructure along Elizabeth Street in Brisbane’s CBD. The project required over 100 night shifts and involved thoughtful planning and execution to minimise disruption in the busy city environment. Our team’s efforts to maintain city life while upgrading essential services highlight our commitment to both community and safety.

Celebrating Together

In recognition of this achievement, we hosted a celebratory barbeque at our Brisbane office, allowing our team to come together, share experiences, and celebrate our collective success.

Graeme Hall MCIOB, Program Director noted, “Receiving this award from Urban Utilities is fantastic. It highlights our team’s consistent commitment to safety above all. We’re thankful for the acknowledgment and proud of our collective efforts. Congratulations to everyone involved.”

We look forward to continuing our work in safe and sustainable infrastructure development and to our continued success in building resilient and sustainable water networks for our communities.