Upholding Transparency and Integrity

Welcome to our governance journey, where integrity, transparency, and ethical practice form the foundation of everything we do at Diona. Our commitment to strong governance is about building trust and ensuring our operations reflect our values. By adhering to high standards and fostering a culture of accountability, we contribute to sustainable business practices that respect all stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Our Governance Commitments

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Principles in Practice
Ethical Business Conduct

At the heart of our governance is a commitment to ethical business conduct. We strive to ensure that every decision and action is made with the highest ethical standards, aligning with our dedication to honesty and integrity in all our dealings.

Transparent Reporting and Compliance

We believe in the power of transparency to build trust. Our governance framework includes compliance with national standards and local regulations, supported by open reporting to stakeholders about our activities and performance.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Understanding the impact of our supply chain, we are committed to sustainable practices, ensuring our suppliers and partners adhere to the same high standards of ethics and sustainability that we do. This includes promoting fair labour practices, environmental protection, and responsible sourcing.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with our stakeholders openly and respectfully is key to our governance. We listen, respond, and evolve based on the feedback and insights of our clients, employees, partners, and the communities we impact, ensuring alignment with their expectations and values.

Risk Management

Identifying and managing risks proactively is essential to our operational integrity. Our governance framework includes comprehensive risk management strategies to mitigate potential impacts on our projects, reputation, and stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

Governance at Diona is about continuous improvement. We regularly review and refine our practices to ensure they meet the evolving challenges of our industry and the nation, always aiming to set higher standards of accountability and ethical practice.

Our Journey

At Diona, our journey towards enhanced governance is ongoing:

Ensuring all aspects of our business adhere to legal standards and ethical guidelines.

Establishing a robust framework for ESG reporting is a priority, enabling us to track our progress and share our achievements transparently with our stakeholders.

Facilitating open dialogues to gather insights and foster trust.

We are committed to integrating sustainability criteria into our procurement processes, ensuring that our suppliers meet our high standards for climate resilience, waste reduction, and carbon emissions.

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