Broadening Horizons Through STEM Education

STEM Education: Inspiring the Next Generation

Brighton Primary School students listening to the sounds of the pipeline during the McConnell Dowell Diona Joint Venture STEM initiative.
ESG Alignment

Encouraging STEM education through school partnerships, offering students real-world project experiences and career insights.

SDGs: 4 (Quality Education), 17 (Partnerships for the Goals)

School-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs offer a unique opportunity for children to dive into the construction industry, unleashing their creativity and opening up future career possibilities. The McConnell Dowell Diona Joint Venture (MDJV), in collaboration with Brighton Primary School and project partner Tonkin, has embarked on an enriching STEM initiative for Year 6 students, centered around the Morgan to Whyalla Pipeline Replacement Project (MWP).

Engagement and Mentorship

The MWP Water North team dedicated their expertise to mentor these young minds, guiding them through the complexities of civil construction. From classroom sessions to an immersive site visit, the students gained firsthand experience of the pipeline’s significance and the intricate challenges it presents.

Career Pathways in Water and STEM

Lauren Gardner, MDJV’s Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, highlights this program as a bridge to the future, introducing students to the vast career opportunities within the water and STEM sectors. The initial session sparked curiosity among the students, laying the groundwork for their project-focused journey.

Hands-on Learning Experience

An unforgettable on-site visit brought the pipeline’s history and importance to life for the students, enriching their understanding and fostering a deeper connection to the project. Carmen Wentrock of Tonkin praised the student’s engagement, emphasising the value of real-world learning.

Inquiry and Innovation

The mentorship sessions encouraged students to push boundaries and think innovatively, culminating in a presentation of their solutions for the pipeline’s replacement. Marc Doyle, Water North Framework Manager, and Mario Borrello, Water North’s Portfolio Manager, reflect on the mutual benefits of this mentorship, acknowledging the profound impact on both the students and the professionals involved.

A Future of Industry Leaders

This initiative not only broadens the horizons for these young students but also sows the seeds for the next generation of industry leaders, demonstrating the power of collaborative learning and the potential of STEM education in shaping a sustainable future.