Diona Wins at the CCF NSW Earth Awards

CCF NSW Awards: Celebrating Innovative Stormwater Solutions in New South Wales

ESG Alignment

This project shows our commitment to environmental sustainability through the transformation of urban stormwater channels into greener, more ecological spaces. Key environmental initiatives include the conversion of concrete channels into terraced sandstone block embankments and extensive native planting. These efforts significantly boost local biodiversity, enhance the ecological health of urban areas, and contribute to sustainable urban development.

The social impact of the project is shown through its enhancement of community well-being. By creating vibrant, functional community spaces with accessible footpaths, the project promotes inclusivity and improves the quality of life for residents. It fosters a stronger connection between the community and their natural surroundings, encouraging active participation in maintaining and enjoying these revitalised spaces. Additionally, the project’s high satisfaction ratings and lack of complaints reflect its positive reception and impact on the local community.

SDGs: 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 15 (Life on Land)

Diona Wins at the CCF NSW Earth Awards!

We are delighted to share that Diona has clinched the award in the $5-10 million category at the Civil Contractors Federation NSW Earth Awards for our transformative Stormwater Amenity Improvement Program in partnership with Hunter Water.

This prestigious award recognises our leadership in Project & Construction Management, Innovation, and Environment Management among other critical aspects of civil construction. Our dedication to improving community and ecological well-being through the innovative delivery of essential infrastructure projects is fundamental to this achievement.


Enhanced Biodiversity: Conversion of concrete stormwater channels into terraced sandstone block embankments and extensive native planting.

Community Engagement: The revitalised urban spaces now provide accessible green areas that encourage community involvement and healthy living.

Exemplary Feedback: The project’s success is underscored by zero complaints and a high satisfaction rating, reflecting our effective stakeholder engagement.

A huge thank you to our team, partners, and everyone involved for your tireless work and commitment. Your contributions have made this win possible.

We are proud of the recognition our team has received, highlighting our dedication to delivering projects that enable communities to thrive. Learn more about our award-winning project here.

Join us in celebrating this achievement as we continue to deliver excellence in civil construction.