School Students design stunning community mural in Canberra

Belconnen's Community Mural: A Creative Collaboration in Art and Unity

ESG Alignment

Enhancing community engagement through collaboration.

SDG: 17 (Partnerships for the Goals)

In a significant stride towards community involvement, Geoff Filmer local artist to Canberra, in collaboration with primary school students recently completed captivating community murals on the walls of one of the odour control unit (OCU) buildings installed as part of ICON Water’s Belconnen Trunk Sewer project in Canberra.

Over a year ago, in partnership with ICON Water, Diona’s stakeholder engagement team recognised an exceptional opportunity to work with Miles Franklin Primary School to develop a design for the OCU located near the school. This effort resulted in remarkable success, with the students presenting a design that linked their ecological studies and field observations.

As a nice close out to the process, Diona extended an invitation for the same students to add the finishing touches to the mural. Their visit not only offered an educational insight into the significance of the OCU, but also provided them with the canvas to express their artistic flare.

David Crowhurst, Community and Stakeholder Engagement Lead said that throughout the project a proactive approach to community engagement has been at the forefront of our efforts.

“This collaboration has truly bridged the gap between our work and the community. It’s exciting to see how these young minds have contributed to the project’s visual identity.”