Diona and ACCIONA’s Community Contribution at Cecil Hills

Diona and ACCIONA's Community Contribution: Tree Donation to Cecil Hills Early Education

A child and Diona worker planting a tree together at Cecil Hills Early Education Centre.
ESG Alignment

Donating and planting trees at an early education centre as a gesture of appreciation and community support, enhancing the local environment and educational experience.

SDGs: 4 (Quality Education), 15 (Life on Land)

A Gift of Greenery

ACCIONA Australia and Diona visited the Cecil Hills Early Education and Care Centre to donate three trees. The trees were presented to centre staff and representatives from Liverpool City Council (NSW) parks and facilities teams. We were then joined by some very enthusiastic mini helpers to plant the trees – a big thanks for your help!

Supporting Communities Through Infrastructure

In 2021-2022 Diona on behalf of ACCIONA Australia installed 1.95 km of trunk main through Cecil Hills for the Sydney Water Prospect South to Macarthur program (ProMac). The Cecil Hills Early Education and Care Centre was one of the businesses directly impacted by the works. After extensive consultation with the centre staff, works were scheduled outside of their business hours and the pipe alignment adjusted to avoid a boom gate and reduce tree loss.

A Thank You That Grows

It was nice to be able to return to the centre and give something back to them as a thank you for their patience and understanding during these essential works. We hope the spotted gums will give the kids and staff some good shade cover in the summer months.

This initiative supports our commitment to ESG principles, highlighting our dedication to environmental sustainability and community engagement. By collaborating with ACCIONA Australia to enrich the Cecil Hills Early Education and Care Centre, we reinforce our pledge to support and uplift the communities we serve, fostering a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.