Diona Celebrates NAIDOC Week

Unity in Diversity: Diona’s Journey Through NAIDOC Week Festivities

ESG Alignment

Promoting cultural understanding and engagement.

SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities)

During the recent NAIDOC Week, Diona teams across different locations engaged in activities to deepen their understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture.

Brisbane’s Morning Tea & Quiz Challenge

In Brisbane, the team organised a morning tea catered by local 100% Indigenous owned and operated business, Figjam & Co. Attendees not only enjoyed delicious treats but also had the opportunity to participate in a NAIDOC week themed quiz. The competition was fierce, with the final scores separated by half a point. Congratulations to the winning team Rachael Hillis, Pritesh Patel, Sourav Singh, and Jae Jeon, who were presented with prizes including 2023 NAIDOC week polo shirts and bottles of Jam from Figjam & Co. The quiz sparked meaningful conversations, with team members commenting that they had learned something new about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culture.

Melbourne’s Lunch and Reflection

In Melbourne, the Diona team gathered for a lunch event that included a similar quiz to test their knowledge of Aboriginal and Islander peoples and culture. In addition to the quiz, they took time to reflect on the NAIDOC theme “For Our Elders” and discussed ways in which they can actively contribute to initiatives in Diona’s Reconciliation Action Plan in Victoria.

Adelaide’s Insightful Session with KSJ Consulting

Meanwhile, in Adelaide, the Diona and McConnell Dowell (MDJV) team had the privilege of hosting Kiara Johnson from KSJ Consulting Service at a morning tea. Kiara shared insights on the importance of collaboration, education, and the need to challenge unconscious bias in the Aboriginal business sector. Her engaging session left a lasting impact on the attendees.

Gold Coast: A Family’s Experience of NAIDOC Week

On the Gold Coast, Chris Arrington, Environment and Sustainability Manager made it a family affair by taking them to observe the NAIDOC Week Celebration March in Currumbin, followed by a Corroboree at Chris Cunningham Park in Tweed. The event brought together a diverse crowd, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities as well as non-indigenous attendees like Chris and his family.

Chris emphasized the importance of learning about history and cultures different from our own, as it broadens not only our perspectives but also our minds.

“There was a strong sense of family and community present throughout the event. The Corroboree lasted for over an hour and featured celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through song and dance. My two sons were enamoured with the dance and commented later in the car how much they enjoyed the whole event,” he said.

NAIDOC Week proved to be a valuable opportunity for Diona teams to engage with and appreciate the rich heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The events fostered cultural awareness and provided a platform for important conversations about reconciliation.