Eungella Pipeline Augmentation: Embracing Cultural Heritage

Connecting Cultures: Diona's Cultural Heritage Induction at Eungella Pipeline Project

Group attending the Cultural Heritage induction for the Sunwater Eungella Pipeline Project.
ESG Alignment

Engagement with Aboriginal communities for cultural heritage awareness and inclusivity in projects.

SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities)

We’d like to thank the Barada Barna Aboriginal Corporation for providing a Cultural Heritage induction with our team who are undertaking the Eungella Pipeline Augmentation Project on behalf of Queensland bulk water supplier and infrastructure builder, Sunwater.

Diona’s Senior Project Manager, Derek Boyle said the induction provided an insight into the history, culture, struggles past and present, connection to land, importance of community and future aspirations of the Barada Barna people.

“Although there are no known significant cultural heritage sites within our work area, our crews will remain vigilant and mindful of respecting the land that we will be working on and taking care to minimise our impact as much as possible,” he said.

The Barada Barna People are Traditional Owners of the land in Central Queensland which covers approximately 3229 square kilometers around the region between the Connors Range in the east, Middlemount in the south, Peak Ranges in the West and Lake Elphingstone in the North.