Diona Team Volunteers with Foodbank

Diona's Melbourne Team Volunteers with Foodbank: Packing meals for people in need

ESG Alignment

Volunteering at Foodbank Victoria to pack meals, contributing to food relief for families in need and fostering team morale through community service.

SDGs: 2 (Zero Hunger), 3 (Good Health and Well-being)

Yesterday, our team in Melbourne took time out of their busy day to give back to individuals and families in need, joining Foodbank Victoria to pack the equivalent of 15,900 meals.

“It feels amazing to know that with our help, Foodbank Victoria is feeding the equivalent of an MCG crowd every two days – that’s 100,000 people who live in our cities, towns, and local neighbourhoods.”

“Our team in Melbourne has made it our mission to volunteer our time and resources as often as we can to do something good for our community, whether that’s blood drives, litter collections or helping to pack meals. We’ve found doing volunteer work is excellent for team building and morale. It’s also positive on a personal level, as the good feeling you have from giving back helps your mental well-being,” said Laura Phillips, Senior Community Relations Advisor.

About Foodbank Victoria

Foodbank Victoria has provided vital food relief to vulnerable Victorians for more than 90 years. With 1 in 6 Victorians currently accessing food relief, the work that Foodbank Victoria does is so critical. We encourage your team to get involved and volunteer with Foodbank.

Empowering Our Collective Effort

This initiative is a testament to the strength and impact of our collective efforts in supporting not just our ESG goals, but the very fabric of the communities we are a part of.