Diona’s Educational Day: Engaging Future Generations

Diona's Educational Day at McKinnon Primary School

Children from McKinnon Primary School sitting attentively on the floor, listening to a presentation about renewable energy and safety during Digger Day.
ESG Alignment

This initiative focuses on education, community engagement, and safety awareness. By providing hands-on learning experiences and fostering understanding of renewable gas and construction safety, we’re investing in the future by empowering young minds and ensuring the well-being of the communities we operate in.

SDGs: 4 (Quality Education), 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 17 (Partnerships for the Goals)

In a collaborative effort to educate and inspire, Diona, in partnership with Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) and Multinet Gas Networks, recently delivered a unique workshop for over 100 students at McKinnon Primary School. The event was designed to provide the students with a hands-on learning experience, offering them a glimpse into the world of sustainable infrastructure construction.

A Day of Discovery and Learning

The workshop day was an immersive experience for the students, allowing them to interact directly with the equipment used daily in the field. It aimed to enlighten them about the importance of renewable gas and educate them on safety precautions around construction areas. This initiative underlines the belief that infrastructure construction involves listening, collaborating, and becoming an integral part of the communities we serve.

Renewable Gas and Safety Education

As part of our ongoing mains replacement program in Ormond, Victoria, this event, dubbed ‘Digger Day’, allowed students to engage with our team, learning about the current works and the future of renewable gas. The enthusiasm from the students was evident, with their curiosity leading to insightful questions and their creativity showcased through vibrant colouring activities.

A Collective Effort

We extend our heartfelt thanks to AGIG, Multinet Gas Networks, and the entire McKinnon Primary School community – students and teaching staff – for their warm reception and keen participation. The day was as enriching for us as it was for the students, embodying our commitment to fostering community connections and environmental stewardship.

Looking Forward

This educational day is a testament to Diona’s commitment to building essential infrastructure and educating the next generation on sustainable energy and community safety. Events like these are crucial steps towards a future where communities are informed, and active participants in the sustainable transformation of their environments.