Diona Welcomes Girri Birrang as Preferred Delivery Partner

Bridging Horizons, Building Futures: Diona Welcomes Girri Birrang as Preferred Delivery Partner

Girri Birrang's and Diona’s logos on the Johnstons Creek Naturalisation Project, a collaborative effort with Diona.
ESG Alignment

Our partnership with Girri Birrang is a step towards reinforcing our social commitments, especially in fostering inclusivity and promoting Indigenous prosperity. This partnership amplifies our efforts in providing equitable opportunities for Indigenous communities, supporting employment, and enhancing the cultural competency within our operations. It is a testament to our dedication to social sustainability and our active role in building a more inclusive society.

SDGs: 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 10 (Reduced Inequalities), 17 (Partnerships for the Goals)

Introducing Girri Birrang as Preferred Delivery Partner

We are excited to share that Girri Birrang, a valued Aboriginal-owned business and our long-time collaborator, is now our Preferred Delivery Partner. This step is a significant part of our commitment to creating sustainable, community-focused futures and respecting Australia’s rich cultural heritage, as outlined in our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our RAP highlights our dedication to meaningful reconciliation and guides our collaborative efforts in community development, supporting local employment, and engaging closely with Aboriginal Lands Councils. This partnership also aligns with our sustainable procurement initiatives, ensuring that our collaborative projects support economic, environmental, and social progress.

Girri Birrang – which signifies ‘far horizon’ or ‘red horizon’ – aligns seamlessly with our vision for the future and our respect for the past. Our joint efforts are a testament to our shared dedication to opening real opportunities for Indigenous communities.

Thomas Melvin, General Manager – Operations, commented, “Seeing Girri Birrang evolve from a valued collaborator to our Preferred Delivery Partner is a testament to our journey towards meaningful reconciliation and community impact. Supporting their growth has been a privilege, reflecting our commitment to Indigenous opportunities. I look forward to the continued positive impact of our partnership.”

Girri Birrang’s Director, Jarrod Smith, shared, “Our partnership with Diona is another positive step forward in our journey. We are dedicated to bringing our vision of ‘Bridging Horizons and Building Futures’ to life by focusing on the impact we can achieve in our communities, especially among the youth. With Diona’s support, we have grown stronger, and now we are set on a path that promises to deliver sustainable infrastructure while respecting Indigenous cultures and creating new opportunities for Indigenous communities to thrive.”

Respecting Cultures and Communities

Our work on projects is guided by a respect for local cultures and the knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Partnering with Girri Birrang, we are mindful of the significance of engaging with local Indigenous groups to ensure our projects are appropriate and beneficial. This collaboration enriches our projects with valuable insights and strengthens community ties.

Moving Forward Together

Our partnership with Girri Birrang is built on shared goals of creating sustainable, community-focused futures and respecting Australia’s rich cultural heritage. This collaboration is about genuinely impacting the communities we serve and honouring our commitment to local cultures and Indigenous knowledge. Together, we aim to drive meaningful change for a more inclusive future.

Join us in welcoming Girri Birrang. Together, we are set on making contributions toward a brighter, more equitable future.