Safeguarding Sydney’s Water: The Warragamba Pipeline Project

Securing Sydney's Lifeline: The Warragamba Pipeline Protection Project

ESG Alignment

Ensuring water security for Greater Sydney.

SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation)

A critical part of securing water supply for the 5.3m people of Greater Sydney, is to ensure the longevity of the primary pipeline that transports water from Warragamba Dam. WaterNSW has embarked on a program to protect the 27km pipeline from the elements by coating the exterior with industrial aluminium.

In March 2023, WaterNSW tasked Diona and our specialist contractor RMP with the complex task of blasting and coating (painting) 460m of the 2.2m diameter pipeline. As this process is undertaken in-situ, each section of the pipe has to be fully encapsulated to provide a dry space requiring use of specialised equipment for careful control of ventilation and humidity. With several waterways and bushland close to the works, significant thought and effort has gone into environmental controls to ensure the surrounding area is not impacted and all waste is transported offsite for disposal.

According to Program Manager, Stuart Hazell the rural location of the pipeline adds to the uniqueness of the project.

“We’re spoilt working in such a picturesque location, away from the fast pace of the inner-city locations we are used to. The whole team is enjoying working on a project that challenges us in new ways. It has been a complex task managing the weather, environmental controls, and timeframes, but a challenge is what we enjoy at Diona. This project really demonstrates Diona’s diverse skillset and our capability across the entire water network.”

As of early August, final coating works were completed on the initial 460m section, which was a significant milestone for the team.

Stuart adds, “Throughout the project, we’ve exceeded expectations and adhered to WaterNSW’s timelines. This performance led to an extension of 340 more metres for Diona. To execute this additional scope, we’ve brought a second contractor, Doolee’s, on board. They’re set to conduct prototype testing in the upcoming weeks.”