Showcasing Sustainability and Innovation: Diona’s Impactful Presence at the Sydney Water Expo

Strengthening Collaborations for Sustainable Development

ESG Alignment

The focus on sustainable infrastructure projects, like the Johnstons Creek Naturalisation project, directly contributes to environmental conservation efforts. By transforming aged infrastructure into vibrant ecological assets and reintroducing native flora, Diona helps improve biodiversity, water quality, and ecological resilience. Such initiatives also address climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, aligning with the ‘Environmental’ component of ESG.

Participation in industry expos and the award-winning collaboration with Sydney Water demonstrate Diona’s commitment to high governance standards, including transparency, ethical business practices, and collaboration with public entities.

SDGs: 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals)

This week, our team attended the Sydney Water Infrastructure Pipeline and Supply Chain Expo, a key event that brought together over 1,200 participants and more than 300 exhibitors. Our booth was a focal point for reconnecting with familiar faces and meeting new ones from various infrastructure sectors, highlighting Sydney Water’s vast project pipeline. Diona is keen to explore these opportunities to further our alignment with Sydney Water projects and advance sustainable infrastructure development.

Our collaboration with Sydney Water, particularly on the Johnstons Creek Naturalisation project, reflects our shared commitment to sustainability and community engagement. Awarded three industry accolades, Johnstons Creek demonstrates our dedication to environmental stewardship and positive community outcomes. Together with Sydney Water, we have set benchmarks in delivering infrastructure projects that are as impactful as they are innovative, reinforcing our joint vision for a sustainable future.

“In every project, including our award-winning collaboration with Sydney Water at Johnstons Creek, we are driven to leave a lasting, positive impact,” remarks Thomas Melvin, General Manager, Operations. “At Diona, we want to build infrastructure that stands the test of time and also enhances futures through sustainable practices.”

The Johnstons Creek Naturalisation project is a testament to this philosophy. By transforming an aged stormwater channel into a vibrant, ecological, and social asset, we have demonstrated our commitment to environmental revitalisation and community engagement. This comprehensive effort involved removing concrete obstructions, reintroducing native flora, and enhancing public accessibility and safety, all while preserving the area’s heritage and extending its usability.

As we build on the momentum from the expo, we look forward to leveraging the connections and opportunities it presented. We are excited about follow-up discussions, participating in further industry events, and exploring new and exciting partnerships.

A special acknowledgment to our team members, Thomas MelvinLincoln MarDavid LivermoreEmma FogartyTommy PhamIan Butler and David Crowhurst, whose presence at our booth was instrumental in driving discussions and shedding light on our sustainability initiatives.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the expo. We’re inspired by the prospect of continuing to make significant contributions to the communities we engage with.