Aughtie Drive Gas Main Upgrade: Revitalising Melbourne’s Legacy

Historic Aughtie Drive Project: Revitalising Melbourne's Legacy

Project team standing together on-site after successfully completing the Aughtie Drive Project for Multinet Gas Networks.
ESG Alignment

Supports sustainable infrastructure renewal, focusing on enhancing energy efficiency and minimising environmental risks by upgrading aging gas mains.

SDGs: 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 13 (Climate Action)

Diona completes the historic Aughtie Drive Project for Multinet Gas Networks

Awarded mid 2021 the Multinet Gas Networks Aughtie Drive Project is a historic project for the client. Constructed in 1916, it is the last large diameter cast iron distribution main in their network, at the end of its serviceable life the main was scheduled for decommission. Spanning 3.5km meandering through multiple inner city suburbs, major arterial roads and crossing through the famous Melbourne Grand Prix track, this project was certainly high profile and took a lot of planning over the previous weeks and months.

Teamwork in Action

The Diona team of Paul H., David Somers, Javal Williams, Trent Noy, Helen Kitching, Ariel Johnson and Nick Conroy along with our long term strategic partners RAM boring, headed by Mark Neyland, ProPipe Services and many others totalling 40+ site personnel, pulled together and demonstrated incredible teamwork to get a complex project done! Everyone agreed it was an amazing team effort with each individual stepping up and going above and beyond to succeed together.

A Collaborative Success

“The things that struck me most were firstly, that no matter how difficult the job seemed every person turned up with a can do attitude, each person expressed their concerns and ideas in a constructive way and the whole team listened, empathised and worked together to over come them. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, after it was all done, I called around the team to thank and congratulate them; every single one said, no need to thank me it was the team that got the result not me; its days and projects like this that make it worth its while, it makes me proud to call these people my colleagues and friends,” said Graeme Hall, Construction Manager.

All major works complete ahead of the Grand Prix ‘no works’ timeframe, a happy client and another fantastic result from the Vic Team.