Belconnen Trunk Sewer Project Achievements

Belconnen Trunk Sewer Project: Milestone Achieved

ESG Alignment

Advancing clean water and sanitation infrastructure in Canberra, improving community wastewater management.

SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation)

Belconnen Trunk Sewer Project Update

The team at our Belconnen Trunk Sewer project in Canberra are continuing to make great progress, despite challenging conditions with heavy rain fall. The team are constructing 2.4km of sewer pipe, 18 sewer manholes, a 150-metre pipe bridge across Ginninderra Creek, and four Odour Control Units.

The pipe bridge across the creek has been particularly challenging, with the team battling constant flood events, muddy conditions, and keeping community access open for pedestrians any cycle way users. After many months of planning, building access roads, setting up environmental controls and constructing the concrete reinforced footings, columns (during dry periods) headstocks and abutments, the team successfully lifted and placed the 22.5m long, 12-ton pipe lengths into their final resting.

Credit to Senior Project Engineer Brian Gavin, Project Manager Ray Helou, Declan Foley and the Deep Civil crew, Graduate Engineer Tian Lan and delivery partners Wexcon for their perseverance and teamwork to achieve this key milestone. Keep up the good work!