Repurposing Trees for Animal Enrichment

Repurposing Trees for Animal Enrichment: Sustainable Project Practices

Animal enclosures at the National Zoo enriched with repurposed trees from Diona's Belconnen Trunk Sewer project.
ESG Alignment

Repurposing trees from the Belconnen Trunk Sewer project for animal habitats at the National Zoo and Aquarium, contributing to biodiversity and sustainable land use.

SDGs: 15 (Life on Land), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production)

Enhancing Animal Habitats with Sustainable Practices

In an innovative approach to construction and environmental conservation, we have taken positive steps to ensure that the natural by-products of our work contribute positively to the community and local ecosystems. While working on the Belconnen Trunk Sewer project for Icon Water in Canberra, the need arose to remove some trees to make way for the new sewer alignment. However, in line with Diona’s commitment to sustainability and a responsible approach to environmental management, these trees found a new purpose.

Sustainable Collaboration with the National Zoo and Aquarium

Understanding the importance of habitat enrichment for animals, Diona partnered with the National Zoo and Aquarium, providing the removed trees as new additions to various exhibits. This initiative has allowed the animals to benefit from a more dynamic and engaging environment, closely mimicking their natural habitats. The trees are now integral parts of the exhibits, offering animals fresh opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Adopting a “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Approach

This effort is a great example of Diona’s dedication to the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” principle, showcasing a proactive step towards environmental stewardship. By choosing to repurpose the trees instead of resorting to mulching, Diona has not only minimised waste but also enhanced the living conditions of animals at the zoo. This collaboration highlights the potential for construction projects to contribute to ecological sustainability and animal welfare.

Through such initiatives, Diona demonstrates its commitment to ESG principles, emphasising the importance of every action taken towards sustainability. This project is a testament to the positive impact that thoughtful, eco-conscious decisions can have on our wider community, including our furry and feathered friends.