Reconciliation Action Plan

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Diona is proud to have received endorsement from Reconciliation Australia on our inaugural 2023-2024 Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This endorsement signifies our dedication to advancing reconciliation through meaningful actions.

We've chosen a 'Reflect' RAP, meaning our goals and objectives are deliberately challenging so we can affect real and sustained change in the way we do business.

As a business that operates throughout Australia, we are committed to being a voice for reconciliation by building stronger partnerships, promoting cultural understanding, and actively engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Formalising our RAP is an important step forward in our reconciliation journey.

This step focuses on long-term goals:

  • building and strengthening our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • creating supportive environments built on respect
  • creating mutually beneficial partnerships that drive economic opportunities, and
  • tracking and measuring our progress.