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Everything we do at Diona is ultimately helping to build better, more sustainable communities for future generations. Therefore, we are committed to engaging with and supporting the local communities in which we operate.

In close coordination with our clients and community stakeholders we actively work to minimise the impact of each project. At Diona we believe there is no such thing as over communication. Communication and transparency is an absolute priority. That ‘little bit extra’ offered by our experienced community consultation teams makes all the difference. Through a range of consultation methods, the community is kept informed and given the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions. And if there are concerns raised, we address them up-front and promptly.

Community Hotline

As part of our commitment to supporting the community, Diona provides the public with a seven day a week hotline for any concerns they may have regarding any of our projects. This ensures a rapid response to any issues that arise.

Community Hotline: 1300 131 338

I would just like to congratulate you on the efficient manner in which you carried out all the work. It was a big undertaking and it seemed to me that it went so smoothly.
Doreen Woods (local resident)
I’ve never really seen customer service like that before so thank you very much. It was really impressive and I really appreciate it.
Local resident via Sydney Water
I want to thank Diona for the work you have done – the guys were all so nice, friendly and polite.
Jenny (local resident)